15 of The Hottest Crypto Games, 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, crypto games saw two and a half billion dollars raised for development, and the industry grew by over 2,000% YoY.

Blockchain games have taken the world by storm, offering supplemental income during the pandemic and an exciting new opportunity. Players, and billions of dollars, have flowed into the industry since it started becoming popular last year (2021). Also known as Play-to-Earn (P2E), these games introduce the ideas of ownership and value to the video game industry, a dramatic shift to the way things are traditionally done.

What Are Crypto Games?

Cryptocurrency games are blockchain games, often in a Play-to-Earn style. Crypto games incentivize users to play by rewarding them in cryptocurrency, essentially paying them to play the game. In the past year, the space has seen incredible growth and is showing no signs of slowing down. Many blockchain games are decentralized, meaning there is no centralized entity in control. There are still teams of developers working on them, but they are incentivized by the network, not a company. 

The biggest draw to blockchain gaming, for most people, is its real value and the ownership involved. It may be hard to imagine, but P2E games allow you actually to own your in-game assets. Every map, gun, character, outfit, game mode, tractor, and farm animal is worth cryptocurrency and can be traded for it at any time. Imagine being able to sell your plot of corn growing in Farmville for 50 FarmvilleCoins, and being able to sell those Farmville Coins for $0.05 per coin. Ownership and real-world value, are revolutionizing the gaming industry.

How to Play Cryptocurrency Games?

With different blockchains to choose from and thousands of games that many have never heard of, choosing a crypto game to get started with can be a bit tricky. Do your research and start with a free game to try it. Many games require the purchase of an NFT, which you often buy either on their website directly or on an NFT exchange like OpenSea. After purchasing your NFT, connect your wallet to a browser extension on a laptop or computer and you’re ready to play.

You can play games on a team, or “guild”, as well, and are not limited to single-player games. Most still require some up-front investment via the purchase of an NFT, but on the bright side, you can sell your in-game assets when you are done using them! There are many games to choose from and below, we have rounded up 15 of the best.

The 15 hottest crypto games of 2022

  1. Axie Infinity – Players breed, battle, collect and mint digital pets while building their kingdom. 
  2. Sandbox – A community platform, that is similar to Minecraft, where players can build and monetize.
  3. Cryptant Crab – A spinoff of Crab Wars on the Ethereum blockchain, with a smaller upfront cost than other games.
  4. Town Star – Brought to you by the founder of Zynga Games, Town Star is a farming simulation game. Build your farm and sell your crops.
  5. League of Kingdoms – The worlds first Massively Multiplayer Online game. Vote on game governance and trade NFTs as you fight for domination.
  6. Bullieverse – An expanding world, or island, based more on fantasy and sci-fi. Play games or create experiences and earn cryptocurrency.
  7. Decentraland – The first ever, fully decentralized world. Owned, governed and operated by the DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization. Featuring many games within the world.
  8. Stepn – The Fitbit of P2E games, Stepn introduces a Move-to-Earn strategy based on steps.
  9. Farmpoly – A farm harvesting game on the Polygon Network. Anyone can play and earn rewards on this fun farming game. 
  10. SplinterLands – A trading card game, where all players own their assets.
  11. Zed Run – A digital horse racing game, one of the first popular NFT based games.
  12. Gods Unchained – One of the smallest upfront costs for a Play-to-Earn game, this is an extremely popular trading card game.
  13. Silks – Thorough bred horse racing, breed and build your stable of award winning horses.
  14. 9D NFT –  A martial arts based game on the Binance Smart Chain.
  15. CryptoBlades – A sword fighting game allowing you to earn crypto based onm defeating enemies and staking.

Join the fastest-growing industry in the world and start earning cryptocurrency remotely today! Be safe with your in-game assets, always do your research before connecting your crypto wallet to anything and try a few different games to see which one you might like. You could even join the gamers who are replacing their full-time income with crypto rewards from P2E games.

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