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An industry leader in blockchain and digital entertainment, the software and venture capitalist firm is one of the strongest proponents of Web3 in the space today. Diving deep into the world of digital assets, Animoca Brands is leading the blockchain and decentralized revolution.

What is Animoca Brands?

The brand was founded in 2014 by Yat Siu and David Kim. Animoca Brands’ mission is to “deliver digital property rights to the world’s gamers and internet users,” and previously, it built a brand around gaming and software. The company has spearheaded the Web3, blockchain and metaverse space as both an investor and a creator.

A recent funding round in 2022 valued the firm at a whopping 5.5 billion dollars. Backed by both Coinbase and Kingsway Capital, the blockchain-gaming enterprise has a major focus on digital assets and the idea of an open metaverse. On the software side of the business, the company develops popular traditional games. On the Web3 side, the company develops, invests and acquires companies to further its goal of driving Web3 adoption and digital asset ownership.

The firm has some major partnerships, including for applications based on known brands like Disney, Snoop Dogg, Formula E, the WWE and the Power Rangers. These games make the large tech company highly popular. As both a software developer and a venture capital firm, Animoca is surrounded by Web3 initiatives.

Animoca Subsidiaries

Animoca Brands owns several major subsidiaries or other businesses underneath them. Below, are five of the biggest subsidiaries owned by the global brand.

The Sandbox – A unique virtual metaverse where users can purchase and trade land, build and rent a property and even create digital experiences. Players can create their own NFT assets and load them into the game with no-code, making this one of the most popular metaverse options. Companies like TIME, Binance, LooksRare, Rarible, the Care Bears, Snoop Dogg, Atari, the Smurfs, FTX, Gemini and CoinmarketCap all own land in SandBox.

Quidd – Currently in the beta version, Quidd offers a marketplace for NFTs. Currently offering NFTs from Disney brands like Pirates of the Caribbean, Cinderella, Snow White and The Lion King as well as Dr. Seuss, Marvel and even Elvis Presley.

Blowfish Studios – Video game maker for mobile, PC and VR consoles. An advanced developer working on several games for the Animoca Brand gaming ecosystem.

GAMEE – A blockchain arcade and gaming launchpad. The platform offers in-game experiences as well as ownership and earnings as it houses many of Animocas Games.

Be Media – A recent acquisition by Animoca Brands. Offering an end-to-end Web3 tech company working with firms to advance their strategies and vision moving forward.

Animoca Brands Web3 Ventures

Animoca aims to integrate digital assets within the gaming industry, focusing heavily on blockchain-based games. In-game ownership of assets will revolutionize the gaming space and includes benefits for both the user and the developer.

Blockchain-Gaming Products

Animoca offers many different products and services within their ecosystem, all with a focus on digital asset ownership. Several of Animoca Brands’ more popular projects are listed below.

REVV Motorsport – A growing ecosystem of racing games, offering true digital ownership of in-game assets. The ecosystem includes REVV Racing, Torque Motorsport, MotoGP Ignition and Formula E: High Voltage and utilizes $REVV.

REVV Racing – An arcade simulation with first-person control. High-quality graphics and the Play-to-Earn model make this game a must-try.

Arc8 – A P2E blockchain gaming platform including collaborations with Manchester City FC and Atari.

TinyTap – Offers more than 200k activities created by educators like Sesame Street and Oxford University Press. The largest educational game collection in the world, also code-free and simple to use. Content providers do receive a percentage of subscription revenue.

Tower Experiment – Brings blockchain benefits to the Free-To-Play gaming model. This includes NFTs and governance.

Crazy Kings – Defend your kingdom, complete mini-games and quests and even customize your character to play with your friends! A Tower Experiment game with over a million downloads, integrating blockchain technology with the game.

Crazy Defense Heroes – Build towers and save your world in this Tower Experiment game. Mixing the Free-to-Play model with blockchain benefits.

Phantom Galaxies – Fast-paced third-person experience offering in-game ownership. A space theme surrounds the game.

Benji Bananas – A Free-to-Play game available on both Apple and Android devices today! The game has over 50 million downloads and partnered with Yuga Labs and the Bored Apes to integrate $APE.

Manchester City & Melbourne City FC – A recent partnership allowed Animoca to begin woroking on games and other digital assets based on the two teams. Collectibles will be available on Quidd and the games will be playable on GAMEE.

Formula E High Voltage – A new P2E experience in the REVV ecosystem.

MotoGP Ignition – Another new game in the REVV ecosystem offering full ownership of in-game digital assets.

Each application listed appears to be a high-quality and engaging game, mixing Play-to-Earn, Free-to-Play and blockchain gaming models. The Tower Experiment seems especially interesting, offering a free and exciting game with NFTs and rewards, blockchain governance and tokens. This model may be the catalyst for the gaming industry to celebrate and adopt Web3.

Currently, the gaming industry is not overly interested in blockchain. The general sentiment is that development is more difficult (and foreign) on the blockchain and many don’t care enough to explore Play-to-Earn games. A Free-to-Play model offering the benefits of Web3 may just be what the industry needed to be convinced.

Other notable blockchain games by Animoca include TinyTap and the REVV ecosystem. TinyTap is a simple to use, strictly educational platform. The platform offers tokenization, and ownership for educators as well as a blockchain-recorded, life-long authentication of educational achievement for students.

Animoca Brands Cryptocurrency Tokens

Tokens are vital to the Animoca ecosystem of brands and are what help the company offer digital asset ownership. Some of their tokens are…

$SAND – Used for exchanges and interacting in the Sandbox metaverse.

$REVV – The utility token for all of REVVs blockchain games.

$VTG – A Binance Smart Chain token earned in nWayPlay games.
$GMEE – Token of GAMEE, Animoca Brands’ Web3 gaming platform.

$TOWER – An Ethereum-based token providing utility for both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes. A soon-to-be-released blockchain game for the PC will also use the token.

$LYM – A vital part of the Lympo ecosystem, offering an entry and exit for $LMT transactions. An Ethereum-based token that makes purchasing and selling $LMT simpler.
$LMT – The main proponent of the Lympo NFT platform, used to purchase digital sports collectibles. Developed first as an Etheruem token and later bridged to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

$PROS – A prediction market. Aims to solve the liquidity aggregation problem of blockchain prediction markets.
$QUIDD – Native token for the Quidd marketplace. Digital assets in the marketplace and actions within the marketplace require $QUIDD.
$BONDLY – A utility token for the end-to-end NFT platform, Bondly.

$PRIMATE – The token of the Benji Bananas ecosystem, a free-to-play game integrated with ApeCoin.
$SPORT – The entry point of the Lympo ecosystem, utilized for Play-to-Earn games and Star Token platforms.

These tokens collectively assist the entire Animoca ecosystem of blockchain games. Tokens and NFTs, are at the center of the initiative for in-game ownership of digital assets and are vital to the integration of blockchain benefits with Free-to-Play games as well.

NFTs For Animoca Games

NFTs are deeply integrated with the games they are a part of and Animoca Brands’ mission of bringing ownership of in-game assets to players. OpenSea links to the non-fungible tokens are below.

REVV Racing Cars

Bratz collectible cards

FC Bayern Munich collectible cards

Beast Quest collectible cards

Crazy Defense Heroes collectible cards

MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 Ninjastickers

Web3 Investments by Animoca

Animoca has made hundreds of investments into the digital asset space, often in the news for leading funding rounds. Below are only a few of the more notable Web3 companies, invested in by Animoca.

Gaming- Rainmaker Games, MLB Champion, My DeFi Pet, Dapper Labs, Chain Guardians, Axie Infinity and Atari 

Sports- Azarus and Veloce ESports

Guild- Yield Guild and GuildFi

Metaverse- Sanbox, Decentraland, Dogami and Open Meta

Art- Concept Art House and Kreation

Marketplace- Boson Protocol, OpenSea, Niftys, Wax and Magic Eden

DeFi – Kraken, Consensys, Nova and DeFi Land

Infrastructure- Flow, Harmony, Polygon and Immutable

Wallets- Metamask, Ledger, Bitski

Other- Forkast, Soulbound, Like Coin and Meta Carbon 

Animoca Brands Digital Asset Investment Portfolio

Animoca Brands has committed to furthering the Web3 ecosystem and the adoption of in-game digital asset ownership. This mission is made clear, through both the firm’s products and investments. Animoca is one of the largest players in the digital asset space and is positioned to be so for the years to come.

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