A Comprehensive Guide On Finding And Submitting NFT Drops

As a new NFT creator and collector, you will be exposed to the phenomenon of the NFT drop frequently. Making the most of a new chance and avoiding scams or poor decisions will be easier for you if you know what an NFT drop is.

What Is An NFT Drop?

A non-fungible token (NFT) drop, in the simplest terms, is the minting of an NFT at a specific time and date. White Lists are a common way to acquire early access to NFT drops, like when Mary Grant, a painter, announced her LittlePainting365 2021 project. If you can get in on a price decrease in NFTs right when it happens, you can buy them at a discount before their value (hopefully) goes back up again. 

There is typically a cap on the number of NFTs that can be purchased at once and a cap on the total number of NFTs that will be created if an NFT drop occurs. The frequency of NFT drops increases as more musicians and companies use them. The fear of missing out on the following CryptoPunk collection or Bored Ape Yacht Club can be debilitating. However, this is where blunders can be made, scams can be fallen for, and NFTs that you don’t care for can be acquired.

How To Find NFT Drops

Finding an NFT drop is easy but finding one you like or ought to pay attention to is far more challenging. You can find out about NFT drops from word of mouth, social media, NFT exchange news, and direct messages. We would want to go for something other than this last one. Anything that sounds too appealing to be true these days is that.

Social Media

Drops made available through social media will include a varied variety of drops. You’ll find everything from well-known companies to obscure solo artists here. Make it a point to follow those actively participating in the NFT community.

Instant Messaging

Discovering new drops may influence Discord and other platforms with similar functionality. For example, within the confines of a branded Discord chat, it is not unusual to hear individuals discussing other drops.

Word of Mouth

One of the most effective methods to learn about excellent drops is through personal recommendation. Make friends with others who frequent this area, and be sure to teach your newfound friends some of what you know.


The metaverse is an intriguing world rife with chances to discover new NFTs. Your viewing pleasure was considered when these digital tokens were placed in various places across the metaverse.


There are drops noted every day on marketplaces like OpenSea. So one other piece of advice is to look at the ranks on the market and check out what has been popular recently.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will likely be discussed in podcasts that cover topical information like finance, technology, and marketing. The GaryVee Audio and Modern Finance are excellent examples of the content found on these podcasts.

How To Submit NFT Drops

The NFT Drops Calendar was made to aid NFT developers and further the field of cryptographic creativity. You can use it to maintain tabs on when exactly each NFT will be withdrawn.

This resource allows you to search for any given NFT collection using a wide variety of criteria. Further, the NFTs can be sorted according to a number of factors, such as minting date, volume, price and more. Each user of the NFT Drops Calendar has the option of posting their own unique NFTs for sale on the platform. It’s a one-stop shop for all your NFT needs. 

NFT Drops Calender is only one of several good tools available that does the same functions. Finding the finest option from so many is a real challenge. Luckily, we have you covered with carefully compiled lists of alternate tools, each with detailed descriptions of features and prices to meet your specific requirements at work.

NFT OnChained

Using machine learning, the platform provides an estimate of the NFTs’ current fair value. We use a variety of factors, including the NFT’s rarity, its features, and market data, to determine an estimated price for each token.


If you’re an NFT investor, Moby can be a great tool for keeping tabs on your holdings and making informed decisions. They are able to make judgments and take action on their investments more rapidly because the time windows are shorter.


On the official site, you may see a ranking of the best NFT collections, along with details such as their floor price, collection worth,  volume, total assets and sales. To find promising projects to back, you can check out Crypto.com’s listings of forthcoming NFT collections.


However, its utility extends far beyond perusing a mind-blowing repository of digital artwork. OpenSea has created a robust ecosystem by bringing together a wealth of data and an NFT marketplace. Since everything is now in one place, finding the top new NFTs is a breeze for everyone.

Upcoming NFT

Future NFT is a helpful app to have so that you don’t miss any future NFT drops. You can use this site to learn about upcoming NFT projects, drops, auctions, events and giveaways. The list of NFT projects can be sorted in a number of ways, including by popularity, when they were added, and what’s coming up next.

How To Market NFT Drops

Successful projects often use the branding services provided by NFT Marketing Services. Branding and marketing for NFT projects can take several forms.

To be successful, a project needs to focus on a single theme and tell a compelling brand story. Having a clear overarching concept can give your project more polish and help audiences recognize your works as belonging to the same canon. A quality website is also an essential aspect of your brand’s identity. Visitors to your project can get all the information they need on the site. 

Moreover, a road plan demonstrating your NFT’s long-term value is critical to any successful NFT project. Achieving key objectives is one of your project’s goals, and you’ve documented them in the roadmap. Creating profiles on numerous social media sites is also a cornerstone of your branding plan. The strategy aids in attracting natural clicks from these mediums.


There is a lot of parallel between NFT drops and a company’s first day. They make use of advertising and marketing strategies across several channels. Plus, companies can employ NFTs to introduce a new line that expands upon their existing brand. It is analogous to how Nike would unveil a new line of sneakers. When the sneakers are out, you purchase them and wear them or sell them for a gain. The final decision is up to you.

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