5 Web3 Brands Doing Something Special 

The Web3 space consists of many ingenious builders who are harnessing the power of blockchain technology and its components to provide solutions to several real-life issues in the world. To amplify their works, we will highlight five web3 brands in each edition of the Weekly Showcase and give an overview of how they are disrupting the space. 

ETH Sign

EthSign is the first web3 e-signing platform. Built on Polygon, the platform utilizes blockchain technology to offer a decentralized, customizable, and transparent version of traditional signature service. EthSign is committed to tackling fraudulent issues (especially data security) associated with electronic signature service providers. The platform has completed over 160,000 signatures. It is free to use, and users can comment, edit, and access each version of their electronic agreement securely and seamlessly. 

EthSign recently launched its TokenTable tool to help project founders automate their token allocation process. Considering that this process is highly manual at the moment, this tool will help founders manage their token distribution and allocation process in one place.


Need a quick loan? It’s time to put your NFTs to work! NFTfi bridges the gap between NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing a peer-to-peer platform that allows NFT holders to take collateralized loans from liquidity providers. The borrower transfers an NFT as collateral to NFTfi’s smart contract and receives the loan once this is done. The NFT remains the smart contract for the loan duration. The borrower receives the NFT back once they have repaid the loan with interest to the lender. Where the borrower fails to repay, the lender can foreclose and receive the NFT. 

For Borrowers, NFT lending is undoubtedly a great opportunity to access liquidity without having to sell their NFTs. Meanwhile, it is a great opportunity to make passive income (or even own an NFT at a discounted price) for those who choose to provide liquidity to these NFT holders.

Rug Radio

Tired of having to listen to a biased media house or simply hate how centralized news channels control the narrative? Well, you should pay more attention to Rug Radio. The platform is the first fully decentralized media platform. What does a decentralized media platform look like? It is basically media for the people and created by the people. Everyone has a say when it comes to what the narrative is and what type of content is put out there. Rug Radio exemplifies what a community-led project looks like.

Air Swap

Carrying out peer-to-peer transactions on centralized exchanges with other traders poses certain risks, just like every other thing that circumvents centralization. However, AirSwap provides a more secure way to trade tokens without the need to put faith in the other party. AirSwap’s protocol protects traders from counterparty risks, price slippage, and front running. Built on Ethereum, the peer-to-peer network enables both parties to perform ‘atomic swap’ transactions, where both parties swap their tokens simultaneously without the need for deposits, escrow or any third party. 


The thought of losing one’s crypto funds forever because of a lost private key or seed phrase is scary! Thankfully, Jinca (Just In Case) exists to bail one if such ever happens. Jinca is a crypto recovery service that prevents users from losing their crypto assets forever if they lose their keys and assists in distributing a user’s asset to their loved ones in cases of death. Contrary to what some may think, Jinca doesn’t help users recover their seed phrases or private keys. Instead, users set up an account on the platform and provide specific instructions like beneficiary wallets and assigned percentages each wallet should receive. Users also need to set the alert frequency to determine how frequently Jinca sends notifications to confirm that all is in order – that the user still has their private keys or seed phrase and is alive. Where a user fails to reply to the notification, Jinca will send their crypto assets to the provided wallets based on the percentage determined by the user.

So, which of these projects are you checking out after now? Let us know in the comment section. By the way, anticipate the next edition of the Weekly Showcase! It’s coming in hot (or cold? Whichever is a synonym for ‘Juicy’)

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