Soulbound is The Future of Gaming 

Founded by Casey Grooms, A.I Mansbridge, Gavan Cook, Keymaster, and Sol, Soulbound is a gaming platform that creates an avenue for cross-game player acquisition, engagement, and retention that will set a new benchmark for gamer reputation and support positive in-game interactions.  

Soulbound’s goal is to develop AAA property governance around the most devoted players using the Soulbound proof-of-play system (The designation “AAA” in the gaming business refers to games produced and sold by medium-sized to large-sized firms.) With Soulbound, games can encourage thriving in-game economies using quests, gaming projects may create effective educational and recruitment channels, and players can recruit and expand their empires across the Metaverse.  

Soulbound’s player profiles offer status that cannot be faked or bought, in addition to customizable prizes and possibilities. By using Soulbound, individual players and small gaming communities will gain access to the most exclusive properties in the Metaverse; games will grow their player base with true players; and large gaming communities will enrich their recruitment process to attract the most elite applicants. 

Soulbound uses a point awarding system known as the Metaverse Experience Points (M-XP). It can only be earned; it cannot be traded or sold. “It does not, and never will, have any monetary value,” – an official release from the platform reads. Players can earn M-XP by participating in quests on the Soulbound platform and engaging in meaningful gameplay, education, community, and government participation.  

What Can One Get From M-XP? 

M-XP now offers users tiers of access to social networks, activities, and other gaming options accessible within the Soulbound platform and community. Players can customize reward trees in web3 gaming, gain access to exclusive events, and shape the future of gaming through exclusive social channels by using M-XP.  

New communities will be able to independently value M-XP and Soulbound accomplishments through their own cultures and objectives as they emerge, expand, and self-organize.  

Introducing Soulbound’s quest system 

The quest system evaluates players’ worth in the games they enjoy and matches them with fresh experiences that require them to succeed. Upon player verification using on-chain and off-chain data, it quantifies and qualifies them for rewards. On and off-chain rewards for in-game and social activities are made possible via quests. To better connect with their communities, third parties can contribute their digital rewards in addition to M-XP. Tokens, in-game goodies, and Soulbound social benefits are examples of this. To reward and organize the upcoming gaming generation, Soulbound will also offer its XP systems to live streamers, communities, and individual players in addition to M-XP. 

Soulbound is trying to be the bridge between gaming projects and gamers, making gaming more fun and rewarding. Soulbound has and is still collaborating with different like-minded projects to create the perfect gaming environment that encourages a healthy gaming ecosystem. 

Do you want to be a soulmate? 

By playing games, you can earn M-XP through Soulbond’s alpha product to unlock incentives and get a head start on Soulbound Prime when it launches later this year. Join Soulbound’s Discord community here for additional information.

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