The Metaverse: Groundbreaking Projects

Almost everyone has heard of the metaverse. Even non-blockchain and non-crypto enthusiasts must have heard from a science fiction movie or the newspaper. Is it a video game or something else entirely? Many professionals, including musicians and artists, are leveraging the metaverse.

So what is metaverse? The term “metaverse” refers to a vast digital environment where users can interact with one another, go about their daily lives, and have similar experiences to those they would have in the physical world while assuming the form of an avatar. It consists of virtual reality, characterized by a virtual environment even when you’re not actively playing the “game,” such as Fortnite. It can also include augmented reality, which blends elements of the digital and physical worlds, such as the once well-known game “Pokemon Go.”

Many cryptocurrency users see the metaverse as the internet of the future. They thus want to be part of its early phases. Many metaverse projects have kicked off and gained popularity in no time. Nonetheless, many others have huge prospects to deliver exceptional value to users. We will discuss some of these projects in this week’s edition of the Weekly Showcase.


Over the last couple of years, DeHorizon has been working tirelessly to establish itself as a new center for gamers in the Metaverse gaming community. It will use blockchain technology and allow users to interact with one another and form communities. Additionally, players can develop or join various games with their currency.

The DeHorizon Metaverse will be a vibrant environment where players of various backgrounds can play for fun while making money. The DeHorizon Metaverse 1.0 will debut with three incredible games at its heart, but these are only the start. These games include:

Team battle DeVerse: This is a team-battle, PvP game where you can play as a ranger, warrior, or other class and compete against other players. Players must engage in combat and try to seize the City of Dawn for the win when a major conflict between Akademia and Shaharism breaks out in the City of Dawn.

Battle royale DeTournament: This is a challenging game that players must solve in extreme outer space. Compete to the death in a massively multiplayer game full of treasures and dangers.

Dragon-racing DeMythical: It’s an exciting arena game where players ride dragons, and everyone loves it. Competitions with larger rewards tend to be more rigorous. However, with big profits come enormous dangers.

Players will command Heroes, or Numen, as NFTs as they traverse the DeHorizon metaverse. These Heroes come from one of five classes: the daring Adventurer, the whirlwind-furious Rogue, the eagle-eyed Ranger, the staunch Warrior, or the potent Alchemist. There will be a wide variety of games in the DeHorizon metaverse, and each class and hero will have access to their special abilities and talents. The Ethereum Virtual Machine serves as the backbone of DeHorizon’s operations.

Wilder World 

Wilder World is a unique metaverse project. Wilder World ushers in the approaching explosion of unrestrained creation by creating a Metaverse overseen by all the world wilders, where artists from all over the world feel empowered, and abundance, freedom, and creativity prevail. It uses virtual and augmented reality to create a completely immersive 5D metaverse. Its metaverse, Wiami, is modeled after the thriving metropolis of Miami, Florida. It was created using Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and the Zero layer of the network. In addition, Wilder World intends to expand its metaverse to a large audience.

Also, Wilder World doubles as a decentralized platform appropriate for artists and creators. The mission of Wilder World is to entice the greatest 3D digital art creators on the planet and create unique content. With the help of this platform’s resources, artists may show off their work. Additionally, it aspires to be a platform that promotes a virtual reality environment while being community-centered. Wilder World is helping to open up the art market to a younger generation of artists and collectors so that they can participate on an equal footing with the industry’s established elites. Ultimately, players can have fun in Wilder World and make real money, thanks to the many minigames available.


Upland is a leading blockchain metaverse to redesign the world by providing users and companies with new ways to have fun, make money, and make connections. Upland is a city- and real-estate-trading game with realistically rendered virtual buildings and maps.

Upland is a metaverse version of the popular monopoly game. Users can purchase new properties from the bank or other players. In Upland, it is called minting. Like Monopoly, when other players stay at your hotel, you may rake in UPX tokens as rent. One cannot play dice games in Upland. You’ll have to spend movement points and a visit fee instead.

You can participate in Upland’s actual cities there. For instance, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, or Porto. Cars were their newest and most anticipated acquisition. They are provided as NFTs. There are over 600,000 gamers that actively play the game each month. Additionally, players have already earned over $1.5 million from this game. It is a wise investment, and the game still has room for expansion.


In the play-to-earn blockchain metaverse known as Dogami, users can own dog NFTs and generate DOGA tokens. The Dogam are a group of mythical canines that possess exceptional powers, including the capacity to interact with people and control elements. 

Every Dogami experiences the puppy phase, the adult phase, and the spirit phase during their lifetime. Reaching certain milestones and progressing in bonds are two ways to level up. Players can raise, train, and take care of their puppy Dogami until it is an adult. The dogs have their personality and set of physical characteristics from puppyhood through adulthood when they establish their own Dogam family and begin to rear new pups. Adult Dogami can compete in mini-games like the Dogami Olympics. When a Dogami completes a career track and increases the number of breeds in its collection, it enters the spirit phase. Players can buy land plots at this stage and organize events that other players may attend. Additionally, these dogs can preserve and safeguard all living things, create enduring ties with their friends, and defend Earth at all costs.

Moreover, players can walk around freely and interact with other players in the game’s open environment, known as the Petaverse. The Tezos blockchain used to power the game offers minimal gas prices, quick data processing, and, as the makers claim, clean NFTs or blockchains with very low carbon footprints.


It is one of Japan’s first well-known VR gaming firms. To better reflect its purpose of creating a “Third Place inside the Metaverse,” where each individual has the freedom to choose how to spend their life, the firm, which was originally started as Yomuneco in Tokyo, Japan, four years ago, changed its name to “Thirdverse.” The company’s current emphasis is on multiplayer VR games. Still, its ultimate objective is to leverage blockchain technology virtual reality to create “VR worlds.”

There are many prospects in terms of metaverse use cases. It will be interesting to see more projects venture into the metaverse and develop exciting and unique immersive experiences for their users. 

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