‘Think Web3, think Brass Synergy!’– CSO Juidice Opens Up On New Platform’s Web3 Benefits

Every day, Web3 continually evolves to scale our experiences in the metaverse. But as crypto buffs and DApps latch on to its growing momentum, new challenges have surfaced in the Web3 space. The good news is, as a self-amending universe, the crypto-verse has equally generated a new regime of solutions to tackle these problems. 

So, say hello to Brass Synergy, a one-of-a-kind Web 3 solution to pioneer a new nature of work for freelancers in the crypto space! 

Brass Synergy is a brainchild of CSO and co-founder Roy Juidice, an expert in consumer care with vast knowledge of the intricacies of the crypto space. Consistent with his experience and the team’s creativity, their product, Brass Synergy, features more than just crypto–it improves the workforce’s quality within the Web3 space, thus standardizing the services available on the internet. 

As stated earlier, Brass Synergy is a community-centered platform that emphasizes creating user value while maintaining stability and security in its operations. Here, we feature Juidice as he delves into the more intricate aspects of Brass Synergy’s features and their relevance to users and the entire Web3 community. Stay tuned.

Brass Synergy: What Is In Store For Users?

A brief look through the features that the Brass Synergy project proposes will reveal that the developers intend to create a brilliant overlap between users, the internet (Web3), and the crypto space. The interplay aims to formulate quality services to the users while ensuring they operate under the highest form of security. In other words, the system is designed to minimize the risk of scamming and rug pulls on the network. Juidice says Brass Synergy is ‘focused on creating a platform where the best and most trustworthy people can go to hire people or find work with reputable companies and/or business owners.’

In addition, Brass Synergy will offer its users crypto benefits, allowing them to enjoy the benefits associated with the crypto space while promoting the BRS token value. The developers brought schemes to facilitate wealth creation and accumulation on the platform, as users will stand to gain rewards in BRS tokens for their activities.

Below are a few benefits users can expect after Brass Synergy launches for public access:

Mutable NFT Freebies

In his interview, Juidice stated that ‘a decentralized vetted community was at the heart of the Brass Synergy project. Consequently, there is a reward system for active members, as progress within the community depends on the community’s involvement in the platform’s projects.

These rewards will come in the form of mutable NFTs, which can rise in value according to each user’s reputation score. The reputation score is the metric equivalent of individual user engagement on Brass Synergy. It rises with increased usage of the platform’s features and, subsequently, changes the NFT ranks. 

The mutable NFTs denote how much of the platform’s revenue will go to a particular user. Each NFT starts at level 1, the Elite level, which indicates that the user is entitled to 1% of platform revenue. Steady progress on Brass Synergy can take the NFTs to level 5, the Genesis level, which allows them to earn 5% of the platform’s revenue.

However, this doesn’t imply that if there are 10 Genesis NFT holders, they will get 50% of the revenue. Instead, 5% of the platform’s revenue will be distributed among all the Genesis NFT holders.

Web3 Literacy At Its Basic!

One of the features available on Brass Synergy is the Web3 academy, where beginners in the Web3 world will have access to learning resources on Web3 and its application in the modern age. Once this segment of the platform launches, Brass Synergy members will have opportunities to become Web3 experts by learning from wherever they wish to be.

The academy will feature ebook and video materials to facilitate easy navigation of the Web3 space, along with specialist resources on several aspects of Web3, like application development, blockchain incorporation, NFTs, and so much more. Again, this further proves Brass Synergy’s commitment to its users, ensuring they are Web3-literate before delving into the space properly.

Courses are also available at the Web3 academy for specialist training sessions, where both Web3 newbies and experts can have their profiles boosted with the extra experience. Juidice stated that there would also be certificates for completing such courses, which will contribute to the reputation score, raising users’ chances of upgrading their NFT ranks and, thus, accumulating wealth. 

Job Search and Find features! 

And now, the best part! As part of the measures to improve the quality of services in Web3, Juidice and his development team have fitted Brass Synergy with options for freelancers to find work suited to their established skillset. The reputation score system comes to play again, as freelancers with higher reputation scores get ranked above others, thus increasing their chances of getting hired.

However, the scoring system for freelancers will depend on other factors besides their Brass Synergy activity. Such factors include portfolio strength, client reviews, amount of jobs taken and completed, and their wallet health. Brass Synergy also plans to make its hiring platform a reliable throve of talent for job employers–a pool of experts looking to add value to the Web3 ecosystem. This is why the development team ensures each member is thoroughly vetted before they complete their sign-up.

The best part of Brass Synergy’s freelancing interface is that the platform ensures freelancers get their payment within three days of completing the job. This sharply contrasts with other Web3 freelance sites, where freelancers must wait about two weeks to clear their earnings. Plus, the earnings on Brass Synergy come in the BRS token, thus increasing the token demand, trade volume, and, consequently, the crypto market value.

Parting Words

It’s quite common to find Web3 applications to be strictly crypto-related. On the other hand is Brass Synergy, where the community is the project’s heartbeat and primary focus. Web3 is all about being even more connected with one another, and the Brass Synergy project is the realization of that. The project is still in the works, but the launch is on the way. Be there!

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