Web3 Entrepreneurs Drive Social Change

We’re All Going to Make It, or WAGMI, is the guiding principle of the Web3.0 community, and businesses are putting a lot of emphasis on this slogan throughout the Web3 ecosystem.

The most innovative Web3 companies are providing chances for other business owners to develop goods and services while also giving back to the community and enhancing the global good.

How Are Web3 Entrepreneurs Helping The World?

Leading innovators in business are also having a significant social impact globally and actively trying to improve people’s lives. Web3 brands are making a difference in issues like drug misuse, education, and endangered animal species!

Brands from Web3 helped with evacuations from Russia, Afghanistan, and other conflict-ridden nations. Over 1,500% more than in 2020, innovators encouraged and took part in donations totaling nearly 70 million dollars in 2021. Numbers will soar once more in 2022 as Ukraine has already gathered more than $100 million for its offensive against Russia as of April. While some Web3 brands have created educational tools and services, others have purchased land in the rainforest to protect and conserve wildlife.

Across Web3, businesses are promoting social impact in a variety of methods, with some focusing solely on this goal. On-Chain Monkeys NFT’s developer, MetaGood, has given to coral reef projects and even assisted in removing “the Afghan girl” from Afghanistan. These companies’ genuine influence comes from their use of communities to disseminate influence and raise money for projects. An excellent instance is when a member of the MetaGood community donated their original On-Chain Monkey for a UNICEF charity auction in an effort to make the internet available to everyone in the world. Together, through community, Web3 may achieve significant advancements and establish standards for traditional businesses to prioritize social impact.

The blockchain community is renowned for supporting one another as well as charitable initiatives. Sam Bankman-Fried, the youthful CEO of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has helped save other Web3 businesses as the market has gone south. providing operating money to help these businesses get through difficult periods, with essentially no incentives beyond the general success of the Web3 ecosystem. If they want to benefit from the enormous development in this industry, young entrepreneurs need to keep an eye out for chances like these.

New Strategies To Launch A Business

Perspectives on cryptocurrencies and conventional enterprises are completely shifting thanks to Web3. Web3 enterprises are held to a higher standard of transparency, communication, and giving back since decentralization removes the need for trust from conventional commercial transactions and processes.

Web3 businesses are required to make beneficial contributions to their local communities and the environment as a whole. These new business owners are using NFTs and DAOs to build solid, organic networks of people who share their interests in philanthropic and community wellness initiatives.

Particularly, NFTs differ from popular perception. NFTs indicate digital asset ownership in a way that wasn’t previously conceivable. The image on the digital ID serves only as decoration. Husl is an exceedingly intriguing illustration of an NFT collection that defies the “JPEG” convention. This collection is the ideal illustration of how business and Web3 can coexist. Each NFT is a “boxed business.” Purchasing one of these is equivalent to purchasing control of an automated internet company that comes complete with a marketing strategy, brand, and target audience. The distinction is that there are neither time constraints nor overhead.

New Financial Opportunities

Around 3.1 billion people play video games worldwide, with Asia having the most players at 1.42 billion, followed by Europe with 668 million and North America with 383 million and Latin America with 261 million. The easiest way to introduce digital assets to the general public is through video games. These “play to earn” games enable users to earn a career playing video games in some nations by providing scholarship opportunities and educational institutions to help players make sense of the strange new world.

Revenue from the gaming sector was approximately $175.8 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to increase to almost $204.6 billion by the end of 2023. Games have changed from something to pass the time after a long day of work to an active source of money after more than 50 years of home video gaming. A seamless, user-friendly interface is provided for gamers by the new generation of video game producers and businesses, which employs blockchain technologies like NFTs to reward players with bitcoin.

Play-to-earn gaming opportunities are expanding thanks to Rainmaker Games, which also helps players learn more about play-to-earn crypto games and maximizes their earning potential.

Play-to-earn games are ranked by Rainmaker Games so that consumers can save valuable time and money. This blockchain-based gaming platform enables players from all over the world to discover hundreds of games in one location, replete with reviews, ratings, daily earnings, twitch streams, and its own game exchange. Additionally, it has articles where you may read more information on NFT games.

Easy-to-use platforms like these can help people in nations with significant unemployment pay for their essentials, such as a practical means of affording housing in areas like the Philippines or basic supplies in Argentina.

Our culture has long needed social innovation to coexist with established corporate strategies. Especially if we are already successful and have everything we need, it is our duty to support one another. Entrepreneurs who can take advantage of the economy of abundance will be far ahead of others who are still mired in the scarcity of the past. Even if I don’t believe in karma, nice deeds often pay off, especially if they are profitable.

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