Crypto News – August 15, 2022

Gas giants getting involved with cryptocurrency, on-chain film, ETH2.0 official schedule, EU NFT regulation, digital asset-centered hedge funds and exciting new NFTs. Catch up on the latest news in the blockchain space from the past few days.

Saudi Aramco Invests in Blockchain

Smart contract provider, Data Gumbo raised a 4 million series C led by the gas and oil giant recently. This comes soon after ExxonMobil announced they had been running a trial program in a few fields and plan on rolling it out to a dozen different countries. 

Canadian enterprise Bengal Energy and Russian oil giant Gazprom have both been planning and building out plans to incorporate cryptocurrency mining. 

NFT Anime Series by John Wick Creator

Derek Kolstad, John Wick creator is directing a new Netflix series while developing an NFT anime series based on the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult project. Kokstad isn’t the only successful filmmaker jumping into NFTs, as the World of Women collection is being worked on by Reese Witherspoon’s production house and Seth Green recently began working on a show featuring his own Bored Ape NFT. Marvel, Disney and Pixar artists and writers have started moving towards the decentralized space, starting the migration towards Web3 and the new innovative technology. 

Notorious Fund Manager Steven Cohen To Build a Crypto Fund

Steven Cohen who runs the hedge fund Point72 Asset Manager jumped into crypto back in 2018. The billionaire is now setting up a digital asset-specific managing service, where the firm trades spot price cryptocurrencies. The firm will also offer capital to blockchain-based hedge funds and derivatives on the open market.

ETH2.0 Merge Date Announced 

The merge date where Ethereum officially transfers to a POS network, and leaves the Proof-of-Work method behind forever. Like many things in crypto, the scheduled time for the upgrade is not a specific time but a specific hash was chosen. 

The POW method currently used in Ethereum has a fixed number of hashes left to mine before the switch to POS. Based on the current hash rate across the network, the merge is expected to happen on September 15th. 

NFTS To Be Regulated As Crypto

Under EU law, NFT collections will be treated similarly to regular cryptocurrency tokens. This means collections will be required to post white paper documents explaining in-depth what they do and will be barred from making extravagant and ridiculous claims. Singularly published pieces shouldn’t worry and won’t require a white paper under the EU MiCA law.

Jim Carrey To Release NFT 

Jim Carrey to release his first NFT artwork “Sunshower” exclusively on SuperRare. The work will be revealed on Wednesday the 17th, with a 24-hour auction countdown ending at 12 Pacific Time Thursday. The auction will start at $1 and will help benefit the organization Feeding America. 

The actor’s creation is turned into animation and provided with an original voice-over. This is Jim’s first foray into NFTs, and hopefully won’t be the last. 

“I had merely begun to experiment with bringing my art to life through simple animations when the NFT world opened up” – Jim Carrey 

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