Introducing Dapper Labs 

A unique partnership with professional sports leagues, and being one of the first to launch an NFT-based game in 2017 helped Dapper Labs form its identity as a mature and experienced Web3 company over the past several years. Dapper Labs continues to build genuine and quality products for its users regardless of the market cycle. 

What is Dapper Labs?

Dapper Labs is the experienced blockchain team that brings some of the most popular games to market, including NBA TopShot, Cryptokitties, UFC Strike, All Day and Cheese Wizards. These games are well known in the space and have heightened popularity due to the professional sports branding. 

Dapper is the premier blockchain-based NFT and gaming company, focused on delivering quality products and maintaining decentralized value, while all other aspects are quick and convenient. Gaining notoriety through the first highly in-demand NFT game, Cryptokitties, and crashing the entire Ethereum network with the high traffic the game drew. 

The company was founded in 2018 by Roham Gharegozlou, Dieter Shirley and Mack Flavelle. The entire team had a background in blockchain and AI, and quickly realized the need for their own blockchain, specialized in gaming capabilities with the ability to offer speed, scalability and decentralization after the CryptoKitty crash. This led to the creation of Flow blockchain and Dapper Labs as a company.  

Flow has been the talk of the industry, coming from a team with such proven experience and forging partnerships with the biggest names across different industries. More recently, Dapper Labs has announced a partnership with Meta’s, Instagram, to bring Flow NFTs and the Dapper Wallet to the ultra-popular social media platform. Other partnerships with leading companies include Youtube, Samsung, Barbie, Digital Currency Group and a16z, among others. These partnerships help position Dapper to become an industry leader and gain a competitive edge.


Cryptokitties was an instant success when it first came out in 2017, so much so, that it actually caused the entire Ethereum blockchain to crash due to high volumes. The game is based on virtual cats, and users can adopt, breed, trade and collect cool digital pets. Being NFTs, the user has the ability to sell their cats, with many users attempting to breed rare ones for profit. 

Arguably one of the most successful blockchain games still to this day, with over 130,000 different users and over two million cats born to date. A great game for blockchain beginners, offering extremely cheap beginner kitties starting around 0.03 – 0.05ETH. The application includes cracking puzzles and creating collections, as well as playing different mini-games.

Dapper Sports

Dapper Labs was the first company to partner up with multiple professional sport teams. Helping the company gain authority rather quickly, the NFT powerhouse partnered with four major sports leagues. These games represent some of the most popular NFT options and one of the first time in the history of sports that fans had an opportunity to own game moments.

NBA TopShot

The best and biggest moments from NBA games, living forever as officially licensed NBA NFTs. TopShot includes a P2P marketplace so users can trade, buy and sell their favorite in-game clips. Daily challenges and games, prizes and rare pack drops are all a part of the application with over 1.5 million users.

The game saw instant success and has done over $150 million in primary sales over time. Over twenty million secondary marketplace transactions have resulted in over one billion dollars worth of secondary profits. NBATopShot is one of the most popular blockchain applications and is number two for Dapper.

NFL All Day

NFL All Day boasts over 85,000 unique collectors taking part in the game, which did $38 million in primary sales and saw over $34 million worth of secondary sales in over 180,000 marketplace transactions. 

NFL All Day is similar to NBA TopShot in the sense of allowing fans to collect and own their favorite moments from the game. Offering rare collection cards, top game moments and interactive challenges, Dapper Labs is the only company with an NFT-based NFL app.

The NFL has also used the Flow blockchain to distribute Super Bowl POAPs. Proof-of-Attendance-Protocols show attendance and were used by the NFL to reward fans at the game with a digital memory to take home. 

UFC Strike

By collecting fully-licensed NFTs that feature video and broadcast audio integration of the best moments from the biggest fights, UFC Strike enables fans to create their online profiles and connect with their favorite UFC athletes. The game netted Dapper Labs $10 million in primary sales and over $8 million in over 120,000 secondary transactions. 

UFC Strike is getting ready for its first big drop, with the platform’s biggest features being very similar to the NBA and NFL’s partnership with Dapper Labs. UFC Strike represents the only blockchain boxing platform.


This game is unreleased currently, but going live soon. This is the professional soccer version of the above-mentioned applications, presumably allowing fans to capture and trade the biggest moments, while also keeping them forever as digital collectibles. Flow gaming fans around the world are excitedly anticipating the release of the new soccer-based blockchain game. 

Flow Blockchain

Flow began development due to the crash that CryptoKitties brought on to the Ethereum network. Dapper Labs fully intends to be an NFT gaming powerhouse and learned after that issue that they would need to develop their own layer one platform, specifically built to withstand the immense activity that comes with running major games.

Unlike Ethereum attempting to become a launchpad of the new Web3 internet, Flow is solely focused on gaming capabilities and experiences. NFT smart contracts are central to the decentralization of value within the company’s products and Flow aims to bring NFTs worldwide and provide top notch experiences in blockchain gaming. 

Flow uses a traditional POS network with a “unique multi-node architecture” in order to improve scalability and carbon footprint. The blockchain boasts of a $750 million fund to grow their ecosystem, an ecosystem they claim is the most carbon friendly in Web3. The network has over 350 different nodes, with over 7,000 developers working on over a thousand projects. 

Integrated by Rarible, Instagram, Youtube, Shopify, Samsung, Ubisoft, Warner Music and Dr. Seus, Flow has clearly become a favorite blockchain amongst mainstream companies. Flow boasts of having eleven million wallets and more than two million monthly active wallets. The blockchain token, $FLOW, can be found on Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, FTX and

Flow blockchain is extremely interesting, as one of the most scalable and carbon-friendly networks headed by one of the most experienced and accomplished Web3 teams.  Dapper Labs is an exciting company to watch and has been positively impacting the Web3 ecosystem since the beginning.

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