Houston Texans Now Accept BTC 

The Houston Texans, one of America’s most beloved sports teams, gives cryptocurrency fans a reason to cheer. The team announced a partnership earlier today with a Houston-based blockchain company named BitWallet, making them the Official Digital Currency Wallet of the team. 

The sports team is offering game suites for cryptocurrency, as BitWallet specializes in converting crypto to USD. A suite has already been purchased, making the Texans the first NFL team to sell tickets for Bitcoin. The buyer was EWR Digital, a full-service digital marketing service based in Houston. 

​​“BitWallet is a perfect collaborator as we continue our efforts to move our organization forward in new and innovative ways.” – Texans President Greg Grissom

The National Football League has been epxloring ventures of its own inside of the blockchain space, including giving POAPs to all Super Bowl attendees and partnering with Flow blockchain for the NFT-based app NFL All Day. 

Someday the association may opt to utilize NFTs as tickets as well, a potential huge step toward mainstream adoption of the technology.

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