Gala Games, The New NFT Gaming Powerhouse

Gala Games, the NFT Gaming powerhouse, has an interesting story coming from the co-founder of Zynga Games, Eric Schiermeyer. Eric built Zynga into a gaming powerhouse, which reported over forty million daily users and over 200 million monthly users in Q1 of 2022. The company was known for games like Farmville and Zynga Poker, with many games through Facebook or the app store. Eric never stopped building interactive gaming experiences, after selling Zynga in 2022 to Take-Two Interactive Studios for 12.7B dollars.

Gala Games launched in 2019 and has already attracted over one million monthly active users. Going after a piece of the P2E* and NFT gaming space, Gala Games is bringing ownership, governance and community to the traditional gaming space through blockchain technology.

Gala Games Is Disrupting The NFT Gaming Industry

Gala Games, founded just three years ago, is run by a deeply experienced and successful team. With Eric, from Zynga, came Creative Director Micahel McCarthy, the director behind games like Farmville 2. A third co-founder was found in large-scale crypto miner, Wright Thurston, who holds several mining patents as well. Together, the trio launched Gala Games to bring ownership to gamers around the world. 

Gala Games offers several of blockchain’s advantages to games being developed. The first is in-game asset ownership. Gala’s games are centered around a cryptocurrency token and utilize NFTs as characters, weapons, resources, land, accessories and more. This means earned game money, can be traded for real money and earned game resources or land can also be traded for real money. 

Gala Games’ most popular application is TownStar. The game came out recently and gained hundreds of millions of users very quickly. TownStar comes with a model after the ultra-popular Farmville style, and the ability to build your town and grow your farm. The game is credited with giving Gala a fan base and popularity, to begin with. 

Gala Games NFT Games

TownStar – Join over 600 million other users and start building your own town! Gather, grow and build the most productive and efficient town possible! TownStar is by far Gala’s most popular NFT game with close similarities to Farmville. The game is in beta but is playable.

Fortitude – A fantasy game based on PvP tower defense. Still being developed for PCs, this NFT game allows players to invade and defend villages. Strategy is required on the defensive end in this heart-racing game.

Grit – A truly wild west battle royale style NFT game. Utilizing a Free-to-Play model with earning capabilities makes Grit an exciting new game in development for PCs.

Spider Tanks – The game is an old -fashioned PVP brawler, where players choose weapons and battle across the map. The game is a Free-to-Play model that still utilizes some of the blockchain benefits like in-game asset ownership. Spider Tanks is currently in a beta version (playable) and was created for PCs.

Battlestar Galactica – An NFT game based on MMO 4x where users are scattered throughout the universe. Players must rebuild, reunite and reclaim their world. A PC game still in development.

Eternal Paradox – A 4x and RPG gaming model combined, Eternal Paradox is a very interesting game. Players can build and expand their empire in this NFT game. Still in development, the game will be available on iOS, Android or PC operating systems.

Town Crush – A browser-based match-three puzzle game, still in the testing phases. Town Star themed and the first utilization of Gala Games Project GYRI, a proprietary blockchain. The game will be used to test the blockchain and will be available for a limited amount of time. 

Superior – A co-op, third-person shooter game being developed for PCs. Explore a superhero universe and take on the evil superheroes while stealing their powers and unlocking even greater challenges. 

The Walking Dead: Empires – A multiplayer survival NFT game, set in the world of the tv show. This MMORPG is being developed for PCs currently. Build shelter, gather supplies, make allies and take on the undead. 

Legends Reborn – A strategic card collecting NFT game where players collect heroes and features to build an exciting deck. The game is still in development and will be available on both Mac and PC computers.

Mirandus – This fantasy RPG game, still being developed for the PC, will have a big focus on asset ownership and land deeds. The game allows players to battle the monsters in the woods and dungeons, join a monarch and serve with them or set up in one of the major cities.

Legacy –  Virtual entrepreneurs can found their own business and grow into a corporation in this business, sims-like NFT game. Still in development, this game is being built for PCs and Macs. NFT land in the game is almost sold out already!

Last Expedition – A first person shooter game for PCs. Players fight for their lives in a foreign Alien world attempting to build, collect and survive. This NFT game is currently pending a node vote.

Echoes of Empire – A sci-fi strategy game for PC and Mac computers. Based on future space civilizations warring with each other. Team up or play solo while upgrading weapons and ships, defeating enemies and collect resources. The NFT game is currently still in development.

Gala Cryptocurrency 

Originally an ERC-20 token, living on the Ethereum blockchain, Gala Games crypto now exists as a BEP-20 token, living on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as well. The Gala crypto token serves several functions across the studios’ ecosystem. Gala crypto allows users to…

  • Vote on decisions that shape the Gala Games network
  • Serves as payment for NFTs and items in the Gala shop
  • In-game rewards for gaming participants.
  • P2P Transactions (Player-to-Player)
  • Incentivize node operators

These functions are integral to the ecosystem built by Gala Games, allowing Gala to be as decentralized as possible. Token holders vote on the games that will be developed and released, Holders earn in-game rewards worth real money and players can easily transact between eachother, without the need for an intermediary. 

The Gala token Gala Games is changing the gaming industry one user at a time. 

The GALA token can be found on Coinbase, Uphold, Binance, Kraken,, KuCoin and FTX exchange. The token is recently sitting around $0.05 at the time of writing, after running over $0.70 at the end of last year. Use the links above to open an account, start buying GALA, and earn a free $10-$25 to get started!

Gala Games Is Driving Innovation Through NFT Gaming

Partnerships with Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records, his music label, made headlines recently. Gala has helped Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube drop NFT records, songs and tracks, venturing outside their core function as an NFT gaming powerhouse. Gala Game’s music arm of the company is equally innovative and disruptive, completely changing the way things are normally done. 

Flare, Bittrue, Brave and Polygon are also included in some of Gala’s strategic partnerships. Gala has recieved noticeable attention due to the past success of leadership and how innovative their ideas are. Gala is reshaping how we think about gaming and music, introducing in-game ownership, community governance and nodes to the space. The company is paving the way for future generations to grow up with these ideas and values as a normal part of life and providing immediate and efficient use-cases for blockchain technology.

P2E* – Play-to-Earn, refers to NFT games where you earn/purchase NFTs as in-game assets that can later be sold for physical money. 

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