NFT Films Are Taking Over

NFT personalities and projects are gaining traction and making inroads into the film industry, and it’s worth keeping an eye on them. Prior to January 2021, there was hardly no NFT volume. NFTs did over a billion dollars in volume in a single week in August 2021, and the year ended with over 17.5 billion dollars in NFT volume, a 21,000% growth over the previous year. This certainly qualifies NFTs as the finest market for strong growth with hundreds of firms and companies entering the space by 2021.

While gaming NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, the concept of NFTs appearing in movies is closely linked, with its own set of possible benefits and concerns, and is likely to follow in their footsteps. As the NFT market evolves, more and more projects are producing films or partnering with creative agencies, implying that NFT films will be available soon.

NFT Projects Turning Into Movies

Several NFT projects are now being adapted into films. The majority of these projects were completed during the last 365 days and are PFP initiatives. PFP stands for ProFile Photo, which means the NFT’s original intended usage was as a social network profile picture. This is true for many art endeavors as well as character collections containing thousands of characters.

Coinbase (the cryptocurrency exchange) just announced a three-part series on the Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT project, showcasing the ape avatars. Because the ape holders own the intellectual property (IP) rights to their respective NFTs, Coinbase sought authorization from each ape holder they wished to promote. Typically, the director will compensate the character with money or royalties. Coinbase offered about $10,000 to any ape who wanted to see their NFT in a film.

World of Women was another early and well-received NFT initiative. Several high-profile celebrities have expressed interest in this women-led, women-focused enterprise. Most crucially, Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine, has confirmed future ambitions to develop the initiative into both films and television shows.

Huxley, from the producer of Spiderman, Iron Man, The Punisher, and many other Marvel pictures, is one of the most exciting of these future NFT flicks. Avi Arad was essential in the formation and growth of Marvel Studios, and his own production company, Arad Production, intends to co-create a Huxley film in the wake of artist Ben Mauro’s NFT comic book project.

Time Studios has increased its wager that family-friendly and kid-friendly NFT productions will be the future of film. They began creating animated children’s shows based on two separate NFT ideas. The first is Doug’s Toy Boogers, while the second is Smilesssvrs by Waheed. Toy Boogers are 2D cartoon characters that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smilesssvrs are 3D characters with hand-drawn features such as various bags, attire, attitudes, and activities.

With all of these initiatives being made into films, NFTs will undoubtedly be a part of the film industry’s future.

NFT Movies

Beyond NFT characters, blockchain technology can aid the film business in a variety of ways. Because blockchains are frequently decentralized and open source (such as Ethereum), transparency is a top objective. Transactions can be certified in seconds, and decentralized blockchains frequently verify that transactions are legitimate and safe before they are verified. This validation feature could also be used for physical movie tickets, and exchanging those physical tickets for NFTs would save the company a lot of money while also allowing customers to easily preserve their “movie ticket memory” forever.

Blockchain technology provides alternate revenue streams for firms that participate. Filmmakers might edit key sections and sell them as NFTs, making more money on the film than they had anticipated. Because everything on the blockchain is easily confirmed, cybercrime is much less likely to occur and can easily save the organization significant amounts of money. This can occur through both ticketing and counterfeit productions.

Becoming Physically Involved In NFT Films

It is simpler than one might imagine to get physically involved with NFTs. With little investigation into various projects, you may be able to purchase one that will be featured in a film and join the community. After you’ve found one you like, look for the marketplace where it’s available. The majority of NFTs are currently traded on OpenSea, an Ethereum marketplace that also supports the Polygon chain. After purchasing your preferred NFT, transfer it to your own wallet and leave it there!

There would be a signed contract and an agreed upon rate if an NFT project you own was converted into a film or used for anything. A price is typically agreed-upon in one of two ways: with an upfront fee or with royalties. Coinbase approached the Bored Ape Yacht Club with an upfront fee, but royalties are also an option. Typically, royalties are paid based on how much of the film is sold or how frequently it airs. In any case, seeing an NFT you own in a film would be awesome.

As the cryptocurrency and web3 field evolves, one initiative is presenting a new method to get involved with NFT films. Filmcoin, a cryptocurrency,is primarily concerned with producing films, or, more broadly, with developing a web3 film ecosystem. Choosing to be a production company over developing an NFT project and bringing films to the Ethereum network. With the upcoming launch of an NFT avatar marketplace, fans will be able to purchase NFTs of characters from films. Furthermore, the platform’s native token may be used to support the films and gain exclusive access to the film set, studio, cast, and more.

The NFT space is constantly expanding, and it appears that the film business is now accepting and adapting to the new technology that is being introduced to the world. NFTs in film offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get involved and even make passive income by owning digital assets.

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