Uphold Promotion, Fall 2022

Uphold is one of the fastest-growing and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, and it is only getting bigger and more popular. Uphold’s only current offer is a “refer a friend” promotion in which if someone you know signs up using your link, Uphold will instantly send you $20 in Bitcoin. Who doesn’t like free money, and even more free Bitcoin?


The advantages of the Uphold exchange are undeniably there. The most notable advantages of Uphold are that security is clearly a top priority, the UI is incredibly user-friendly, and there are no hidden fees!

The entire Uphold team is concerned with security. They keep at least 90% of their assets offline and have never been hacked. Furthermore, despite the fact that they are not FDIC insured, they have discovered a solution to secure their customers by offering a USD stable coin backed by a 1:1 ratio with genuine US dollars in physical FDIC insured institutions. Even while Uphold is not insured, they do provide this stable coin to consumers, and if you hold it, you are FDIC insured.

This demonstrates the security layers used by Uphold, as well as how seriously they take security.

The UI is extremely simple, and even a complete bitcoin newcomer may understand it in seconds! This simplifies investing and trading on the app for everyone. Uphold is one of the easiest places to go for simplicity, from checking in and entering your bank information to withdrawing or even sending money.

Uphold charges a 1% spread on bitcoin transactions, which is close to the industry norm. The average spread on other assets is likewise in line with industry averages in the United States. This means that, in compared to other exchanges and brokerages, Uphold offers relatively cheap and competitive “fees.”

Security, simplicity, and low spreads are three of the first things to look for in any new bitcoin exchange, and Uphold checks all of the boxes!


Except for the poor customer service ratings, there aren’t many drawbacks to Uphold. Uphold has received multiple consumer complaints, mostly from those who were unable to access their accounts and attempted to contact customer care. Although Uphold is one of the more popular exchangers, it is far from the largest, and it appears that customer service is not at the top of their priority list.

This is absolutely something to consider, as having assistance on hand may be a bigger priority for some traders.

The Final Decision

Regarding the negative customer service evaluations, I believe that Uphold has the best interests of their consumers in mind, and their phone systems may use some updating and repair. In any case, the advantages of the Uphold exchange, such as extensive security, minimal fees, and an easy-to-use interface, greatly exceed the disadvantages. 

The most important aspect of bitcoin exchanges is security and trust in the exchange you use. You should be able to trust the exchange to value your assets in the same manner that you do and to keep them safe, and Uphold appears to achieve just that. Get started with Uphold today and offer the gift of a fantastic bitcoin exchange while getting compensated in Bitcoin for doing it! 

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