Polygon Update: Nike Unveils .Swoosh Web3 Platform 

Nike has stood out as one of the leading fashion brands in the web 3 space. Last year, the company acquired RTFKT, an NFT and digital apparel startup which it used to mark its venture into fashion NFTs. Overtime, the sports apparel giant has been able to bring its brand into the space as well. Now, Nike has announced its plan to launch its Dot Swoosh platform which it aims to use to boost its digital efforts in the Web3 space. The platform is designed to showcase the brand’s NFTs and digital apparel projects. Furthermore, Nike aims at using the platform to onboard Web3 curious customers who can become creators and earn royalties from their NFT collections.

Dot Swoosh, managed by Nike Virtual Studios, will go live at the domain Swoosh.nike. Nike will launch virtual apparels that users can use as avatars in the metaverse, especially within Web3 games. Interestingly, Nike apparels will be minted on the Polygon chain. The first collection is projected to launch in January next year, while the company plans to open registration for users later this week. The platform would also act as an NFT marketplace for users to trade physical and virtual products and will feature real-world benefits, such as exclusive access to events and products. 

Nike is also doing something special with this platform as it plans to promote and onboard non-web3 natives into the space. Vogue Business quotes the Nike Virtual Studios General Manager Ron Faris as he states the company’s plans to achieve this. According to Faris, they will host events in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tallahassee, Louisville and New York where they will distribute access codes to members of the Nike community with a focus on newbies rather than web3 natives. 

Nike plans to test out various features with this platform and it is undoubtedly a project to keep an eye on.

Walt Disney and Polygon are Working on a Proof of Concept for Digital Collectibles

Earlier in the year, Walt Disney chose the Ethereum scaling solution network as one of the six companies that participated in its 2022 Accelerator program. And as part of the program, the entertainment company has announced that it is working with Polyon to develop a proof of concept for exclusive digital collectibles to recognize Disney employees during special occasions. 

What is Proof of Concept?

Proof of Concept (PoC) is the process of testing the feasibility of a blockchain project and its application in a real-world situation. Simply put, PoC is a prototype with the aim of getting insight into how the project will operate. It acts as an efficient launching pad to get a product out there. In this case, Walt Disney is collaborating with Polygon to test a use-case for digital collectibles in the real world. The plan is to use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a means of identification among Disney employees. 

Bangalore launches first ever Metaverse Airport in Partnership with Polygon

Polygon isn’t done just yet with the partnerships! The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) recently launched its metaverse airport which is built on the Polygon blockchain.The Metaport features a virtual representation of terminal T2 at BIAL. Flyers can get a taste of the metaverse experience by logging into blrmetaport.com. According to Polygon, the website gives users a taste of phygital socializing, shopping and entertainment.  

The Metaport was achieved as part of Polygon’s commitment to bringing web3 to the aviation industry. The Ethereum scaling solution joined the Joint Innovation Centre (JIC), pioneered by BIAL, along with Intel India and Amazon Web Service (AWS), to collaborate on this project to accelerate innovations in aviation and build smart infrastructure, utilities, and mobility. Having partnered with many established brands like Meta, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Reddit, Polygon continues to emerge as the preferred platform for such web3 experiences. 

Azuki NFT makes its mark on the track with Formula 1 Team

Formula 1 team Red Bull has announced that it will feature a Non-fungible token (NFT) from the Azuki collection on its vehicles as they close out the 2022 calendar in Abu Dhabi on November 20th. Before now, Red Bull racing already ties to the web3 space as it struck a partnership earlier in the year with crypto exchange ByBit as a Principal Team Partner. As the team takes to the tracks on Sunday, Lei the Lightning Azuki, an NFT artwork from the anime-inspired Azuki collection, will feature on the team’s vehicles alongside Bybit’s logo. 

Lei, the Lightning Azuki, is a limited edition version from one of the NFTs in the original Azuki collection and is set to be minted on the Tezos blockchain and will be available for purchase through ByBit’s NFT marketplace. Azuki will be the first NFT to feature on a Formula 1 car.

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