AWS Moves Into The Web3 Space

The mission of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is to facilitate the growth and worldwide expansion of Web3 companies. The cloud computing division of Amazon has made it a priority to assist startup companies and software developers with the implementation of the new technology.

AWS Investing In Asia-Pacific Web3 Startups

Investments in the Asia-Pacific region will pick up pace thanks to AWS. The main goal is to increase spending in India by speeding up the expansion of specialized teams and partner initiatives. Gaurav Arora, AWS’s Manager and Head of Business Startup for Asia Pacific and Japan, plans to help growing Web3, SaaS, fintech, and gaming firms.

The company has developed dedicated initiatives to help entrepreneurs make the most of AWS’s tools and knowledge. One such program is SaaS Central, a rigorous five-week initiative launched by AWS and Prime Ventures. Despite the uncertainty, AWS invests much money into India’s startup scene. AWS said in November 2020 that they would be opening an additional infrastructure center in Hyderabad the following year. The goal is to advance contemporary technology companies in India and hasten the country’s overall technological revolution.

Unbundling AWS On Web3

Experts in the field of distributed infrastructure, who can deploy funds for investors and  PoS platforms, are being supported by this funding. In addition, the motivation and the necessity for cost reductions will cause more independent local data centers to be developed, even if many now operate on Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Heavyweights like AWS will need to join crypto networks that distribute power tokens and compete with upstarts to maintain their direct relationships with consumers. As a result, there will be increased incentives for people to set up these computers in their houses as more significant numbers of these networks develop with viable business models.

As arms race to provide more computing for these networks matches that of BTC mining, this will continue to drive the rise in data center building and use. The dominant providers will continue to lose ground as more resources are allocated to public and open-source technology through crypto networks.

AWS Web3 Challenge

Once again, Vestbee and AWS have joined to support the startup ecosystem. Their most recent project is the AWS Web3 Challenge, designed to help find and nurture promising young companies developing novel web3 solutions for actual business needs. The chosen business owners will get help setting up their businesses, marketing and selling their products, and earning money.

AWS and Vestbee prepare several startup-focused bonuses and rewards for the Contest finalists. They will be given over $100,000 in AWS Activate Credits, introduced to a massive array of VC funds specialized in Web3 innovations, and given a chance to pitch their concepts in front of global industry executives from companies like Breega, Elevator, Augmentum, Emerging Europe Ventures, Iron Wolf Investment, Next Road, 3VC, Eleven VC, Level2 and ZAKA Ventures. 

In addition, for those that do well in the Challenge. AWS will offer them to participate in the AWS Startup Accelerator, 12 weeks, equity-free initiative designed to help them take their company to the next level. Up to ninety percent discounts on HubSpot, fifteen thousand euros in Stripe payment credits, three thousand dollars in Loom yearly Business Plan credits, and fifty thousand dollars in Mixpanel Growth Plan credits are just some of the excellent startup advantages given by program partners.

AWS Catalytic Capital Investment

AWS Catalytic Capital is a new initiative that will invest about $150 million in pre-seed and seed-stage venture capital funds, incubators,accelerators and Web3 ventures that target startups from marginalized backgrounds. In addition, the firm will invest in cash into funds that support businesses run by people of color, indigenous people, women, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Next year, Amazon plans to support over 200 firms, including over ten funds.

To quote one of the founders, “We have seen great innovative solutions from minoritized entrepreneurs, from businesses providing inclusive health assistance for women to entrepreneurial endeavors helping businesses minimize climate impact for underprivileged areas, and we are confident that a comprehensive investment plan will result in improved returns and innovation. 

We’d want to see these startups and their inventors have the same opportunities as everyone else to raise money, “According to Amazon’s Sr. VP of Global Corp. Dev. Peter Krawiec. “We expect our investment to have a multiplier effect, encouraging others to put money into these businesses, increasing diversity and creativity, benefiting local communities, and generating a financial and wealth return for future generations.”

The startups in the investments’ portfolios will get funding, guidance from Amazon officials, and access to utilities to help them with their commercial and technological plans. Amazon will also help entrepreneurs find possibilities for product and relationship partnerships that may help them expand faster.

AWS Partnership With Qtum Blockchain

To provide BaaS solutions for corporations and developers, AWS teamed up with a new crypto project with a market valuation of $325 million, ranking it as the 29th biggest cryptocurrency. As stated in a press release, the agreement would enable AWS customers to create and deploy intelligent contracts “swiftly and effectively using the Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

‘Qtum is officially an AWS tech partner and a pioneer of the partner Platform,’ Simon Wang, director of territorial business development for AWS China, stated in a press release. Qtum, based in Singapore, released its public blockchain a year ago after raising over $1 million from investors, including BitFund  Xiaolai Li, OKCoin Star Xu, Anthony Di Iorio, and Bo Shen.

Qtum’s director of marketing, John Scianna, stated In an interview that the company has been working toward a more extensive technical cooperation since the company’s AMI was launched on the Aws marketplace in July. He further noted that talks between the two firms on this matter had begun in April.

AWS Partnership with Hyperledger

Customers can now establish fully managed networks on Hyperledger Fabric 2.2 with AWS Managed Blockchain (AMB), which includes sophisticated chaincode management and information-sharing capabilities. AMB is a turnkey solution that automates the creation and maintenance of robust private blockchain networks for its users. AMB removes the need for manual maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure and can scale automatically to handle millions of transactions across thousands of apps.

AWS Partnership With Quant

Quant Network, the maker of the Overledger platform for building distributed, multi-chain applications, announced that it had become a Development Partner in Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN). As a result, Overledger’s ledger OS will now be available to over a million customers that rely on AWS Cloud services for their adaptability, scalability, and dependability. In Overledger, Quant Network hopes to give users the freedom to choose and quickly adopt any blockchain technology.

AWS Partnership With VeChain

The VeCarbon platform is supported by the VeChain Foundation, which recently announced a relationship with AWS. The solution will help businesses learn more about their carbon pathway to control and meet their emissions goals more effectively.

China for example have instituted mandatory carbon emission reduction targets for all businesses and citizens. VeCarbon and similar carbon management services will be essential in achieving these objectives.

AWS Partnership With Corda

AWS Advanced Technology Partner R3’s Corda Enterprise takes the Corda platform’s most vital features—smart contract immutability, innovation and consensus on the shared notion of truth—and adapts them to the business world.

The enterprise version of Corda offers additional functionality, including a Blockchain-based Firewall, and the SQL Server database supports simple connections with back-end systems.

Corda is R3’s open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise is the commercial version for enterprise use. R3 is a blockchain software firm that collaborates with over 200 members and collaborators across various industries within the public and private sectors to develop Corda.

AWS Partnership With DAML

To improve the compatibility of its accessible smart contract Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML), the blockchain software company Digital Asset has teamed with AWS Aurora. The partnership will provide cross-platform DAML functionality across multiple blockchain networks, notably Hyperledger Fabric and R3’s Corda.

For businesses and financial firms to model and carry out agreements using distributed ledger technology, DAML, which was introduced in April 2016, provides expressive language (DLT).

AWS Partnership With Blockstack

AWS now offers Blockstack Core, a platform for building applications that use bitcoin. Blockstack, which received $4 million in capital earlier this year, created the platform to use the BTC blockchain to create a decentralized, more private internet where users have complete control over their identities via a particular browser.

The platform’s other goal is to decrease the time it takes to sync the blockchain, making it easier to set up a bitcoin block. According to a statement from Blockstack, the latest version of Blockstack Core is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and features a new technology called FastSync.

Blockstack joins Amazon’s existing Monax and Manifold Technologies as the company’s third blockchain-related product.

AWS Partnership With Observian

A group of technical experts and industry executives, the Observian team is united by the belief that cloud computing will revolutionize business and society, with Microsoft and Amazon at the forefront. Someone has to have their finger on the technological pulse since new technologies are invented daily to supplement AWS and Azure. The team’s expertise in cloud computing, backed by relevant certifications, allows them to provide their client’s cutting-edge cloud-based services, solutions, and architecture.

AWS Partnership With Taos

Taos, an IBM Company, provides digital transformations and optimization solutions to assist large and quickly expanding organizations take advantage of DevOps and the Cloud. Taos is committed to becoming a global leader in DevOps and the Cloud by addressing the next generation of challenges.

AWS Partnership With Stratus10

Founded in 2018, Stratus10 is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that assists businesses in migrating their on-premises infrastructure and apps to AWS. Stratus10’s migration solutions go above and beyond just moving your servers or virtual machines to Amazon Web Services (AWS). They also offer a detailed planning framework that will include the price of ownership, the migration procedure, and the post-migration modernization and automation approach.

Final Thoughts

We see the beginning of a decentralized upsurge, with AWS foray in the Web3 sector. Which will ultimately stimulate a move away from the centralized monopolistic powerhouses of the internet and usher in a more widespread acceptance of Web3 construction and blockchain developers.

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