All You Need To Know About Trading Platform is an AI-powered blockchain trading platform focused on binary options. Spectre is a new kind of trading without a broker that requires no downpayment and relies on crowdsourced technology. In this analysis of the year 2022, we dissect the login and KYC procedure, dividend tokens, mobile apps, and more.

What Is

Experts say that is the best blockchain-based trading platform available. Offering broker-free access to global markets via its platform and mobile app, it positions itself as the digital future of option, FX, and CFD trading. Furthermore, through DALP, the platform can carry out fraud-free, intelligent option contracts. Unlike traditional brokers, where you have to trust a third party (the broker), Spectre.AI deals are recorded in a public blockchain. Any participant in the network can independently verify them. Therefore, there is always access to funds, no need for account managers or salespeople, and no room for fraud.

Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange is the abbreviation used for this platform. Spectre Trading Limited, a St. Vincent and the Grenadines corporation, is the legal owner and operator of the business. To that end, the company held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017 and invited interested parties to join (ICO). Since then, the broker has established itself as a favorite among Asian traders and is also beginning to make headway in Europe and elsewhere.

The Spectre group’s novel approach to Forex trading has garnered media attention. Core to their business strategy is a DALP functioning on the Ethereum blockchain. New orders are instantly compared to the existing order book. If there is no countertrade, then transactions are filed against the DALP. Essentially, Spectre operates a broker-less strategy — not keeping customer withdrawals and deposits in the usual sense. If you want to trade online, you can do it with incredible speed, security, and transparency by using an electronic wallet to store and withdraw funds. Trading Platform

The trading platform is built in-house. The platform is web-based, offers an easy-to-use login system, and provides the standard tools traders need, such as minute-by-minute and daily charts and a wide variety of technical indicators.

It lacks the sophisticated features of platforms like MetaTrader. While this may be true, Spectre is working on integrating MT4/MT5 so that users can switch between platforms with ease. Trading robots can be programmed with APIs so that traders can save time. With the platform’s historical data, developers may run algorithm tests in actual market conditions. With Spectre’s demo account, you can even use automated trading.

In 2022, Spectre improved their trading platform as well. Trading on the newest terminal is faster and more dependable than ever, thanks to its straightforward interface, well-organized menus, and dynamic charting capabilities.

What Assets Are Available On

Users of can choose from more than 80 synthetic tradable items and speculate on price fluctuations without buying the underlying asset. Most of these contracts are digital binary options or Spectre’s Epochal Price Index Composite (EPIC). Payments on digital contracts can go as high as 400%, be validated in under a second, and be exchanged on several platforms, including the foreign exchange market. EPIC contracts reflect actual market circumstances by simulating their evolution through a combination of past and current market data. They are just like any other financial asset in that they can be bought and sold whenever convenient.

And is constantly adding new cryptos and DeFi coins to its list of supported assets. The broker’s trial account serves as a kind of “soft launch” for new cryptocurrencies, making them accessible around the clock with returns of up to 90% and spreads of less than 0.1 pips. However, please be aware that we cannot offer cryptocurrency services to customers in the United Kingdom at this time due to FCA rules.

Manufacturing, IT, gaming, software, and entertainment stocks, as well as a plethora of others, have lately been added to the portfolio. In total, this now includes over a hundred different types of equities.

Pros of

Here are the significant advantages we noticed throughout the Spectre Broker Review, which may interest some traders.

24/7 Trading

Most of the assets that can be traded are accessible at all times. In addition, it is feasible because of the crowd-supported liquidity pool approach that the platform utilizes.

Security and Transparency

With blockchain technology, can conduct audits on a worldwide scale. The hope is that this method will make business transactions safer. The website also allows users to open an off-site trading account to conduct business without depositing funds.

Free Demo Account

Before opening a real money account, traders can use an unlimited demo account. It allows individuals to practice trading with virtual money before risking their own money.

Trading Contests offers an incentive scheme where the top traders can earn weekly payouts of $1,000 if they have a high enough transaction volume. It’s open to any traders that use real money accounts.

Cons of

Limited Number Of Assets

Regarding traditional assets, trading only offers a little diversity; you won’t find any commodities or stocks. However, few conventional brokers provide as many distinct cryptocurrencies as does.

Platform Availability

While there is an Android version of the Spectre trading app, neither an Android nor an iOS version of the desktop version is available from As a result, it could be troublesome for some traders because they need help using their preferred gadgets to access the platform.

Support Availability

Traders need to start chatting with support staff. Instead, they have to obtain a temporary code repeatedly. It may add another layer of protection, but it will take more time and effort.

Is Safe? takes the safety of its users seriously. An encryption system is in place to keep user data safe on the website. Importantly, all deals are finalized on an open digital ledger aggregated and checked once a day by a chain of 20,000+ nodes worldwide.

Conclusion stands out from the crowd by providing users with access to a transparent blockchain-based exchange platform that requires no minimum deposits and a unique EPIC contract class. As a result, when it comes to ease of use, safety, and cost-effectiveness, is a top choice for traders.

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