What Is Bitso And How Does It Work?

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, Bitso is the first name in Mexico. In 2014, three guys named Daniel Vogel, Ben Peters, and Pablo Gonzalez created the company. The primary location of the exchange is in Ben Peters, 400 601B, México. The Bitso exchange was the first of its kind to allow trading in Mexican pesos, the national currency. Services for making purchases at Mexican stores using Bitcoin are included, in addition to trading choices for those coins.

What Is Bitso?

Bitso, founded in Mexico, is the first platform of its sort for trading digital currencies. Despite the fraught political context, it welcomes US investors to use its trading platform. However, investors from the United States will need to investigate on their own any particular challenge that may emerge due to their residency or citizenship status.

There are five main features of the exchange that make it unique. The first concerns the nature of their interaction with one another. The instructions are clear and uncomplicated. Second, consumers get quick and simple access to their money by depositing and withdrawing funds. Its safety features, driven by cutting-edge innovation, are the third most important aspect. A further reason for its success is that it supports multi-sig wallets. Locate a trustworthy crypto wallet, either online or offline. The robust APIs offered by the Bitso exchange contribute to its reliability. This means that the platform is conducive to the development of useful applications.

The essential feature is state-of-the-art security. Bitso’s are very robust, which contributes to the platform’s reliability. It’s proof that anybody can make useful applications using the exchange. Since Bitcoin is considered a technology that may help to boost transaction speed and decrease transaction costs, the exchange was founded with the main purpose of assisting in bringing Mexico’s unbanked people into the tent of the formal economy. Bitso helps pave the way for the widespread use of digital currencies in Mexico by offering a trading platform for locals to buy, trade, and exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum using Mexican pesos.

How Does Bitso Work?

The Bitso platform is not a difficult one to use, and beginning a transaction on this crypto trading website is a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure. Users will first be required to register themselves on the website as the first stage in the process. After that step has been completed, users will be able to finish their KYC requirements, at which point they will be able to deposit the amount of their choice into the Bitso exchange and begin trading.

You can get returns by holding the following cryptocurrencies in your Bitso wallet and participating in the Bitso program.

  • USD Stablecoins
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ether (ETH)

Bitso will create daily dividends on any amount of those assets in your wallet, and those yields will be transferred into your wallet on Mondays. Your balance will be ready for withdrawal or exchange at any time, which is a huge perk.

Market circumstances mean that at the moment only USD stablecoins are producing returns. Bitso participants will no longer receive ETH and BTC dividends from November 21, 2022. Digital dollars will continue to be the medium of exchange for your weekly 2% interest payments. When you join this program, you may begin earning returns and expanding your holdings in the cryptocurrency you already know and trust right now.

The issue of providing cryptocurrency-driven returns can be solved using Bitso. By holding their crypto assets on the exchange, consumers may take advantage of another product offered by Bitso: crypto-yield generation. Third parties participate in a variety of yield-generating activities to provide the products.

Features of Bitso Exchange

Here are some of Bitso’s most notable characteristics:-

  • Designed with the user in mind, the interface is intuitive and simple to use.
  • Powerful and well-oiled customer service machine
  • Low cost of trading
  • Quick and simple sign-up
  • Several distinct digital currencies are now on the market.

Bitso Wallet

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and the Ripple cryptocurrency networks are all compatible with the Bitso wallet. In addition to providing a snapshot of your account balance, the wallet also provides access to a record of your wallet’s deposits and withdrawals.

Bitso is a platform that facilitates effortless Bitcoin and fiat currency exchanges. To purchase the desired coin, choose the desired quantity of fiat cash. The exchange will be performed mechanically on the platform at the current market rate. It’s possible to trade in your cryptocurrency holdings for traditional currency on the site. 

The Bitso trading platform offers more than just a straightforward buy/sell operation, including the option to place a limit order that will restrict your market order to being executed only at a certain price. You may go to specific trades by clicking on the Transactions tab at the bottom of the trading screen. The Bitso platform, as a whole, is straightforward to use.

Pros and Cons


  1. Bitso has excellent support services.
  1. Site fees for Bitso are cheap when compared to those of competing exchanges.
  1. Bitcoin isn’t the only currency Bitso accepts, however.
  1. In terms of cryptocurrency, you have many options.


  1. You may only pay using Mexican Pesos on the site.
  1. The number of accessible cryptocurrencies may seem low in comparison to those offered by other exchanges.

Bitso Fees & Charges

The costs associated with trading on Bitso change based on the user’s chosen currency and trading volume. Customers transacting in US Dollars pay maker prices of 0.095 percent and taker prices of 0.099 percent. Bitcoin users are subject to a minimum trading volume fee of 0.075 percent and a maker/taker fee of 0.098 percent if they use Bitcoin as their stable currency.

Fees associated with making deposits and withdrawals might change based on factors including the chosen currency and payment type. Customers withdrawing Bitcoin, for instance, are charged 0.00016442 BTC, even though Bitcoin deposits incur no fees. When compared to the standard market fee, this one is absurdly cheap and helps make the site more appealing to potential users.

Is Bitso Safe?

Bitso’s support for fiat currency trading necessitates verification following Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. The three different authentication tiers in Bitso each come with their own set of perks. Bitso uses 2-factor authentication and multi-sig wallets to keep user data safe.


Overall, it’s a reliable and secure platform for buying and selling digital money. Even if it’s just the Mexican peso, the fact that they allow deposits in fiat money is a big benefit. We appreciate that they have competitively low costs and allow trading in a variety of cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin. In addition, they provide a somewhat detailed support center with enough resources to get you familiar with Bitcoin trading.

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