Prioritizing One’s Mental Health and Wellness While Working in Web3

The web3 space is fast-paced, and it can get overwhelming, especially while trying to keep up with every project and token that is out there. That usually leads to anxiety, stress, and meltdown. In this article, we share how to stay sane and prioritize your mental health while working in the web3 space.

It’s Okay to Take Breaks

Although crypto never sleeps, you must take breaks to stay productive. Taking breaks doesn’t necessarily involve sleeping; it can include staying off your phone and away from social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. Turn off your social media notifications and try focusing on other aspects of your life and enjoying a “You-Time.” It can also be a time to take walks outside and reflect on your activities. By doing this, you will realize you are more productive in the web3 space. 

You can’t stay on top of everything, which is fine

There is always something going on in web3; a new crypto or NFT project, constant messages from an active Discord chat with people grinding for Whitelist, a web3 summit or conference, or a new meta that everyone is talking about. It is impossible to stay on top of everything, and realizing that is key to prioritizing your mental health. Therefore, you need to sieve out the noise and focus on what you consider important in the web3 space. 

It can also help to be picky about your information sources. There is a lot of information in web3, which is truly overwhelming. Select specific blogs, Twitter accounts, newsletters, Podcasts, and Discord channels that you can trust and use these information sources as your sole source of information in the space. 

Working with Every Brand isn’t Advisable

Specifically, web3 influencers should be selective about the brands they want to work with. There will always be that constant flow of requests for partnerships and collaborations. However, it is almost impossible to give one’s all if such a person decides to accept all these requests. As such, learn to say no to some and instead focus on achieving maximum results with the selected few you have said yes to.

Create a Niche for Yourself

There are different fields in web3; NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, trading, marketing, developing, blockchain engineering to name a few. To preserve your mental health and make a solid career, it is probably best to niche down and focus on becoming an expert in that specific field. There is so much going on in one area, so trying to now focus on multiple niches can be tiresome for you and could eventually lead to a mental breakdown

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness activities can help you manage stress levels and stay in control when working. These activities include daily meditations, long walks, deep-breathing exercises, a gratitude list, single-tasking, and mindful eating. You can choose whatever works for you. All that matters is that you become more aware of and focus on the present moment without being judgemental.

And speaking of mindfulness, let’s look at how a community-powered meditation platform is harnessing the power of tech, meditation, and co-creation to bring mindfulness to the web3 community.

How Moments of Space is Revolutionizing Wellbeing in Web3

As highlighted above, the web3 space is undoubtedly a rollercoaster, and with current market conditions, it is easy to feel dispirited and lose control of what truly matters. That is why Moment of Space, a community-powered meditation platform, is leading a movement that leverages the power of blockchain technology and meditation to create positive change in the web3 space while being mindful of one’s well-being. With this, MoS aims to revolutionize well-being in web3 and ensure that we all reclaim autonomy over our mental and emotional states.

As part of its effort to bring mindfulness to the web3 community, Moments of Space partnered with talented artist, Josh Pierce, to create a 1/1 collective NFT, which helped the platform raise 3.33 ETH from the auction on NFT Marketplace SuperRare. Moments of Space plans to use these funds to support projects that align with its vision, with the community being the one to submit and vote on the selected projects.

For the next stage of its roadmap, Moments of Space will allow all Open Letter signers to submit proposals for projects or ideas that can help foster MoS vision to spark radical change and fuel awakening. A panel will shortlist these proposals, and the community will then vote. Moments of Space will award a grant from the treasury to the projects with the most votes to help them bring their ideas to life. Proposal submission begins on January 5th. You can sign in here with your wallet to be part of the process.

Moments of Space also plans to incorporate a dynamic NFT alongside its meditation app, which would incentivize users based on positive habit-building. You get rewarded for being mindful and prioritizing your mental health!

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