How to Market NFTs on Twitter

One of the challenges most creators face while promoting their NFTs is knowing how best to maximize social media platforms like Twitter. Twitter is one of the most effective social media platforms for promoting brand visibility. With over 450 million monthly active users, it is the ideal platform to find your target audience. Twitter is the choice platform for NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is also the platform most celebrities go to showcase their latest NFTs. For instance, Jimmy Fallon announced his purchase of a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT to his 51 million followers on Twitter. 

If you are looking to promote your new NFTs, Twitter is the ideal platform for NFT marketing. In this piece, we shall discuss the various techniques used in marketing NFTs on Twitter.

Design your Twitter Profile to Match Your NFT Project

The first thing anyone sees when they visit your Twitter account is your profile. It is, therefore, vital that it represents your NFT project. Select an image that generally represents your project’s aesthetic or theme. For instance, the Bored Ape Yacht Club uses an ape as its identifying image. Your profile should include a concise description of your project alongside a link to your NFT website. You can also have a cover photo that displays the logo and artwork. Your followers can easily get a sense of your NFT project by visiting your profile.

Conduct Periodic Giveaways 

Everyone loves free things, and the easiest way to boost your engagement on Twitter is through giveaways. Giveaway means offering prizes for promotional purposes. By offering a prize, which could be in the form of your NFT or an airdrop, you encourage people to follow your account, retweet and like your post (s), or use your hashtag. In return, you will get increased publicity and reach on Twitter. 

Since giveaways are open to anyone who follows the rules, it provides a great way to build your NFT community and attract new followers. Ensure that the prize item is relevant to the NFT project, and make sure the rules are clearly stated. Giveaways are usually conducted at the start (launch) of the NFT project and during its run. Partner with relevant NFT projects or DAOs for your giveaways; this increases the reach of your project. 

Adopt Influencer Marketing to Reach a Larger Audience 

Influencer marketing is a hybrid of traditional and modern marketing. It functions as an endorsement by influencers who motivate their followers to key into your NFT project. Influencers are persons with huge followings on social media that can help promote your NFT project to their audience or followers. The audience may not really care about your brand or company but is more invested in the opinion of the influencers they follow. Therefore, while selecting an influencer to work with, ensure they possess some relevance or authority in the NFT industry and that their audience or followers are likely to key into your NFTs. You can locate an influencer by running a simple Google search or through social media tools like BuzzSumo. 

After selecting an influencer, contact them and explain what you intend to achieve. Ensure that you provide them with promotional content, like videos and images, they can use for marketing. To boost your NFT sales, you can offer them free tokens or commission on any sales they complete. You can also collaborate with them by asking them to give out some of your NFT Whitelists (WL) spots to their followers. That is one of the best ways to gain traction for your project, as these influencers would usually ask their followers to complete specific tasks to stand a chance at winning. The tasks include following your project’s Twitter account and probably retweeting and liking some of your posts.

Organize Whitelist Contests

You can organize a contest on Twitter in which members of the NFT community have to come up with creative ideas to stand a chance of winning a whitelist for the NFT project. Usually, these contests revolve around the NFT’s theme, and users come up with artworks, videos, and other means which showcase their “love” for that particular NFT project. This strategy is effective as it can help you gain a lot of interactions and engagements on your project’s Twitter account. You may discover users that come up with ideas that many find amusing or annoying. However, there is no such thing as bad publicity, which will only further draw attention to your project, even from those who weren’t looking before. 

You Can Never Go Wrong with Twitter Threads

Another way to market your NFTs on Twitter is through Twitter threads. Twitter threads are one of the best ways to boost your following and community. Twitter threads allow you to tell your stories through consecutive tweets linked together. It enables you to break down complex ideas about your NFTs into digestible pieces of information for your followers. You can provide real value to your followers with detailed insights about your NFT collection, details about where they can invest and support your project, and general information about your team and NFTs. You can also share information about sales start and end dates, how much each NFTs cost, and the number of pieces you intend to sell. If you are using an auction-type sale, include details about the final bid and its use.

The primary goal of the Twitter thread is to help establish thought leadership and authority. Research has shown that threads hold more information than stand-alone tweets. Therefore, always ensure you provide consistent and valuable information. You can also spice things up by encouraging conversations on your timeline and conducting opinion polls to sample the views of your audience. 

Key Into Trends

When marketing your NFTs on Twitter, it is essential you take advantage of any current trends. This could range from new games supporting NFTs to celebrity endorsement news. For instance, one of the popular trends in the NFT community is the introduction of NFTs into gaming. Many popular games, like CryptoKitties and Fortnite, now utilize NFTs. This has heightened the interest in NFTs among the gaming community.

Furthermore, another trend is the growing use of NFTs for humanitarian causes. A growing number of charities now receive donations in the form of NFTs. This shows that NFTs possess powerful utilities, outside investment and trading.

Engage Your Followers on Twitter Spaces

Twitter spaces have emerged as an excellent technique for widening your reach and establishing your brand voice. It is a forum that allows live discussions on topics, and you can listen or participate as a speaker. It is a great platform to engage your followers, and you can invite renowned personnel or team members to partake in the audio conversation. You can conduct a poll amongst your community on which topic they wish to converse about, and always endeavor to have a moderator to avoid rowdiness. 

The sessions are unedited and raw, and Twitter keeps records of spaces. Therefore, individuals unable to attend can play recordings of the space during their free time. 

Maintain Consistency in Your Interactions

Twitter, as a platform, is renowned for rewarding consistency in interactions with followers and others. The more consistent you are with your content, the higher the likelihood of visibility. Therefore, your brand must consistently show up and engage with other participants in your niche. You can accomplish this by mentioning others in your tweets, liking and retweeting relevant tweets, replying or quoting tweets from notable Twitter accounts, and DMing your followers to build more rapport. 

The more consistent you are with your interaction, the more traction you gain over time for your NFT collection. This increases your chances of meeting and networking with potential investors for your NFTs. 

Adopt Relevant Keywords or Phrases

Twitter keywords work the same way as SEO and help to drive traffic to your site, making it easier for your followers to distribute your content. Including relevant keywords or phrases in your promotional or marketing content also enhances your visibility on Twitter. Keywords, like NFT Twitter, must be concise, not more than five words. 

Twitter is a powerful platform for any NFT marketing strategy when used correctly. Many NFT projects like Lilverse NFTs have gone viral because they adopted some of the strategies explained above. Integrate these techniques into your NFT marketing strategy and watch it go viral.

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