Content Marketing Tips For Your Blockchain Project

One of the toughest challenges of building a blockchain project isn’t the project itself, but the effort required in marketing the project. Therefore, it is not enough to have the right project, you must also market it to your target audience. Investors in the blockchain space are becoming more conscious about the value a service or product offers. This is why every project must have a content marketing team, focused on selling its services. Content marketing can help to generate traffic, and revenue while enhancing your brand awareness. Content marketing differs from traditional marketing because it includes modern marketing practices, such as email marketing and social media marketing. In this piece, we shall examine the concept of content marketing, its benefits and valuable content marketing tips that can be utilized in the blockchain ecosystem.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an innovative marketing strategy focused on building and distributing relevant, consistent and valuable content, with the sole aim of attracting and retaining customers. This marketing strategy seeks to develop a healthy and long-lasting relationship between brands and their audience. It involves streamlining your content according to every stage of the purchaser’s journey. A properly implemented content marketing strategy creates a strong feeling of attachment and loyalty among customers to a particular project or brand. Content marketing is not only utilized in the blockchain space, various popular businesses and companies around the world, such as P&G and Microsoft, employ the strategy because of its effectiveness.

Top Content Marketing Tips That Can Be Employed in the Blockchain Space

Below are some of the best tips on how to market your blockchain or crypto project:

  1. Carefully Study and Understand Your Target Audience

To successfully market a blockchain project, you need to understand your audience and their needs. Blockchain projects are designed to solve various challenges facing society. Each project is a solution to a challenge that your followers may be facing. Conducting research and collating valuable feedback and insights can help you understand your audience. Once you have a good understanding of the audience, you can focus your content marketing strategy to meet their interests and needs.

Furthermore, studying your audience also helps you to understand the demographic that most require your product and service. This helps to keep your marketing campaign practical, topical, engaging and relevant.

  1. Design a Website Fully Dedicated to Your Project

Before launching your blockchain project, it is vital to create a professional website that is fully focused on your services and products. Your project’s website is the first every prospective investor or customer interacts with when analyzing your project. Visitors can learn about your project by merely visiting your site. Your website must have appealing images that help to generate an immersive user experience. It must also have a clear description and value proposition of your blockchain project, including your contact information, details about your project team, and other necessary information. If possible, include your project whitepaper, litepaper, or roadmap, and links to all your social media pages. Including a frequently asked question (FAQs) column that answers any prospective question, can be an added advantage.

Due to the prevalence of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in blockchain projects, integrating them will be an excellent way to boost your site.

  1. Always Create and Deliver High-Value Content

The quality of your content directly impacts the success of your content marketing campaign. It is therefore important to create and deliver content that is valuable, engaging and insightful.  Due to the technical nature of the blockchain industry, experts recommend you craft your content using simple language and terminologies. Avoid being vague, and always remember that the blockchain industry is a constantly evolving space and therefore, most people don’t have a firm understanding. While writing, only use layman’s terms because a complicated copy may deter potential investors and customers.

In continuation, always research your topic and offer current and accurate information. Adopting infographics, images, recordings, etc., will help to make your content more engaging. Don’t forget to utilize keywords and other SEO writing to help rank your content higher in search engine results. Once your copy is ready, endeavor to review and eliminate any word or phrase that may be ambiguous to your audience.

  1. Use Influencer Marketing

Contrary to what some may think, Influencer marketing is a big part of content marketing. It is a great way to gain wider reach for your brand and content. Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that involves partnering with social media influencers to reach your target audiences. Influencers are persons who have built a reputation and large following on social media. This is usually due to the type of content they create and their ability to lead conversations and trends on social media. Partnering with influencers gives you access to an established base. Ensure that your choice influencer has some level of credibility and authority in the blockchain section. You can also offer special tokens and always make sure they fully understand the objectives of your project before marketing it.

  1. Employee Referral Programs

One of the best ways to increase your conversion and retention rates is through referral programs. Referral programs involve offering incentives to previous clients, to encourage them to refer your project and your services to their friends and family. You reward both the referral and the promoter, creating a win-win situation for all parties. This way, you retain your old customers while getting new customers. Some of the incentives offered include free airdrops, NFTs, etc.

  1. Learn From Other Blockchains’ Content Marketing Strategy

Taking a look at the content marketing strategy of other blockchain projects could give you a better idea of how to improve yours. By doing this, you avoid making the same mistakes these projects made in their strategy while building on their biggest marketing strengths and making your strategy better. Generally, this gives a great idea of where to begin as a newbie who is looking to use content marketing to raise awareness around your product. 

  1. Only Use Dedicated Online Platforms

The blockchain industry has led to the introduction of various dedicated online communities. Some of these communities, such as Discord, Quora, and Reddit, are renowned for their endless blockchain conversations. Marketing your crypto project on such platforms will help to boost your online presence. It will also help you discover like minds, who share similar outlooks about your project. Ensure you interact regularly on the platform, by posting questions and answering questions of other users. Experts recommend engaging with members of the community before announcing or marketing your project. This is because most people may think you only joined the community to market your project and gain traction.

Therefore, it is advisable to play safe and acquaint yourself with members of the community before announcing your project. And even after announcing your project, ensure that you continue to engage the community afterward.

  1. Be Consistent with Your Delivery

One way to build brand authority is by delivering quality content consistently. Consistency is the bane of most projects and most creators often experience burnout within the first few months. Avoid inundating your audience with content daily, because your project may not be the only one they are subscribed to. Therefore, you can spread your delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Keep track of your delivery by utilizing a delivery schedule.

  1. Measure Your Results

To ensure that your content is effective, it is crucial to measure and track your results. This will enable you to understand which of your content is working, and the ones you need to change or adjust. One way to do this is by including a feedback section on your website and posts. You can also make use of other tools, such as Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics and Hotjar. These tools will provide you with insights about the number of times your site is visited, the number of clicks, and which posts generated the most clicks.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Below are some of the advantages of content marketing:

  1. Helps to Boost Website Traffic

With so many projects in the blockchain industry, it is easy for your project to go unnoticed by your target audience. Having an SEO-based content marketing technique is one of the best ways to attract followers to your website. Every click is essential. Properly optimizing the right keywords is one way of achieving this objective. Make sure that your project generates content that connects to the search preferences of your followers.

  1. Increases Your Brand Visibility

Another benefit of content marketing is that it helps your project attain optimal visibility in the blockchain space. Brand awareness and reputation is central to the success of any blockchain project. By offering quality and consistent content information about your brand, you encourage your followers to interact and distribute your content. That way, you not only become an authority within your niche but also enhance your brand visibility and presence.

  1. Cost-Effective

Compared to conventional marketing strategies, content marketing is a cheaper and more effective marketing strategy. It allows you to save funds that would have been spent on ads and other exercises. The majority of your work can be conducted indoors. All that is required is a clear understanding of your target audience and generating content that best sells your project to them.


Content marketing plays a crucial role in brand promotion. Owners of blockchain projects looking to break into the blockchain market must have a good understanding of content marketing and what it entails.  

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