National Geographic Magazine Launches NFT Collection

The monthly magazine published by National Geographic Partners launched its first NFT collection on January 17th. The NFT collection called “GM: Daybreak Around the World” was launched on the NFT platform Snowcrash and the Polygon blockchain, with a mint price of 215 MATIC (over $200). It features 16 images taken by notable photographers like Jimmy Chin, Kris Graves, Justin Aversano, Delphine Diallo, Mia Forrest, and Yagazie Emezi. The limited-edition collection captures sunrises taken from several locations, including Australian beaches, Mount Everest, and Coastal Oregon. Each of the 16 images has 118 editions totaling 1888 NFTs (1888 signifies the year National Geographic was founded)

National Geographic hopes to use this collection to spread inspirational and impactful stories through photography and promote access and inclusivity. According to the collection page, “The Collection signifies that in the next 135 years, Nat Geo will push the boundaries of innovative storytelling further, promote access and inclusivity, uplift our creators and photography as a powerful medium to tell impactful stories.”

National Geographic is not the first major magazine to get into the Web3 space. TIME Magazine has come out with several NFT collections since the NFT craze first begin, dating back to early 2021. 

How TIME Magazine Made its Foray Into The NFT Space

TIME has made a name in the NFT space long before now. In March 2021, the media platform auctioned three magazine covers as digital collectibles. The first cover was from a 1966 issue that read “Is God Dead?” The second was from a 2017 issue that read “Is Truth Dead?” and the third cover was from a new issue that read “Is Fiat Dead”? At the time of the announcement, Keith Grossman, the president of TIME, also said that the magazine would begin accepting crypto as payment for subscriptions within the next 30 days (TIME accepts 33 cryptocurrencies for digital subscriptions now).

In September 2021, TIME made a bold statement when it launched TIMEPieces, a first-of-its-kind NFT community initiative, and collection which featured over 4,500 NFTs from more than 40 artists globally. TimePieces Holders received unlimited access to and exclusive invites to TIME’s in-person and virtual events. In his address to staff, The President of TIME, Keith Grossman, noted that the NFT drops were an avenue to build a community with NFT technology and extend their digital subscription efforts.

TIME undoubtedly had a blockbuster first year in the Web3 space in 2021, but the media platform didn’t stop there. In March 2022, TIME released the first-ever full magazine issue as an NFT, featuring a cover story on Ethereum’s Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin. That was historic as it was the first decentralized magazine issue using blockchain and NFT technology. The magazine was hosted through a decentralized protocol which allowed holders to read the magazine through an interactive NFT. 

In June, TIME continued its foray into the NFT world by partnering with Metaverse platform The Sandbox to develop “TIME Square,” representing TIME in the metaverse. TIME square will be a destination for convening, art, and commerce. 

TIME’s NFT community, TIMEPieces, recently partnered with Seva.Love and its co-founder Deepak Chopra, to launch a new NFT collection to commemorate the 25th anniversary year of Deepak Chopra’s bestseller, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The TIMEPieces x Deepak Chopra: The Seven Collection highlights the work of 73 NFT artists who worked on unique book cover art for The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, with each cover art inspired by teachings and lessons from the book. In partnership with Transient Labs, the NFT book also features new content from Chopra, including an introduction to the book’s themes and reflections on each chapter, all available and readable on the blockchain. The collection also provides access to 3D sculptures and full 3D environments inspired by the book’s seven chapters. 

TIMEPieces has released six NFT collections to date: Genesis, Inspiration, Long Neckie Woman of the Year, Slices of TIME, Artists for Peace (with proceeds used to provide humanitarian relief in Ukraine), TIMEPieces x Timbaland: The Beatclub Collection and TIMEPieces x Deepak Chopra: The Seven Collection.

Since its foray into the Web3 space, TIME hasn’t looked back. Its Web3 initiatives have led to the development of a passionate community of over 60,000 artists, collectors, and Web3 enthusiasts, including over 5,000 TIMEPieces NFT holders. Since March 2021, TIME has also generated over $10 million in revenue and $600,000 for charities. 

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