Acquire.Fi: Where Investment and Web3 Meet

Acquire.Fi is one of the few Web3 platforms that can confidently claim that it can generate profits for investors in the industry. It is the outcome of native crypto M&A (mergers and acquisitions) alpha. The company’s origin story is quite fascinating. Transactions began as private discussions between advisors and the founders of cryptocurrency firms and IP owners looking to sell. M&A organically began when the founders of Acquire.Fi provided certain investors in their private network with exclusive transaction flow. 

Originally, Web3 business deals were about supporting friends in selling their crypto businesses and intellectual property and enabling investors to locate the kind of tech firm or IP they were looking for by combining unrivaled access to the Web3 niche with distinctive characteristics. 

Acquire.FI is one of the most fascinating and cutting-edge blockchain-based financial platforms available. What is most crucial to remember about Acquire.Fi is that the platform allows investors to diversify their portfolios with well-vetted crypto companies and intellectual property and motivated sellers to sell their assets. 

One of the advantages of this cutting-edge platform for investors is the flow of M&A transactions related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and Web3.   

Features of Acquire.Fi

For investors with a variety of backgrounds and objectives, Acquire.Fi will present a range of alternatives. Let’s quickly assess each of them to discover what benefits they may provide: 

  • Vetted Deals 

The platform uses pre-listing Web3 Due Diligence to ensure the quality of its marketplace listings and investment pools. 

  • Exclusive M&A Possibilities 

Thanks to the backstage pass, top-tier holders get exclusive access to the platform’s investor network spreading service and unreleased transactions. 

  • Buyer Support 

Acquire.Fi provides full assistance for IP purchasers and companies wishing to expand their connections. 

  • Web3 Company Valuation Services 

Exciting new features that promise to value tokenized firms with superior technological know-how, only legal instruments, and M&A expertise. 

  • Web3 Due Diligence  

M&A due diligence services with in-depth acquisition studies that address Web3 specifics and complexities. 

  • Investment Pools  

Investment Pools is a service for people looking to increase their cryptocurrency holdings through crowdfunding and fractional ownership. Acquire.Fi uses special-purpose acquisition vehicles and tokenization to fractionalize crowdfunded purchases. Investors receive them as NFTs, which they sell immediately on the Acquire.Fi secondary market.  

The Issues And The Solutions Acquire.Fi Provide

The issues with the M&A, web3, blockchain, and DeFi industries are still rather obvious; no platform was available to examine and investigate Web3, cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and DeFi enterprises or IPs for sale before Acquire.Fi came into existence.

Due to the need for a retail platform and the inability to diversify assets into more conventional investments using cryptocurrencies, DeFi customers cannot increase their wealth through purchases. That is exactly where Acquire.Fi comes in. 

The Acquire.Fi team wants to establish itself as the first M&A marketplace for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. Retail investors will now have access to one of the best wealth-building tools (acquisitions) on a single platform, and DeFi members may make traditional investments using cryptocurrency.  

What is $ACQ Token? 

$ACQ is the native token of Acquire.Fi. Users can stake the token with tier-based access to the platform’s unique investments. The tiers range from 1 to 5. Acquire.Fi is designed to be user-friendly for small investors. Hence the first entrance threshold is simply 100 $ACQ Gl(Tier 1). Others include:

  • 1,000 $ACQ for Tier 2,  
  • 5,000 $ACQ for Tier 3, 
  • 10,000 $ACQ for Tier 4, and  
  • 42,000 $ACQ for Tier 5. 

Higher levels will exhibit more governance participation, better deal flow prospects, and larger ticket amounts. The top tiers show reduced escrow fees, no listing fees, referral eligibility, and tiered community sales rewards. 

Tier 5 is the exclusive tier, offering unique access to unpublished deals. That is a backstage pass to what is happening in bitcoin M&A since it gives you direct access to private transactions. 

The current price of $ACQ is $0.024658, with a trading volume of $70,985.49 during the past 24 hours. 

The Acquire.Fi Team

Acquire Fi’s staff is a great fit for the position since it comprises web3 advisers, specialists, and investors: 

The CEO, Jan Strandberg, formerly oversaw marketing at Paxful and served as CGO of the YIELD App, which managed $500 million in assets in just six months after becoming public. 

CTO Nassim Bouslama is the creator of the website, which aims to offer various solutions for the BSC ecosystem. Nassim has more than 20 years of experience playing online first-person shooter games professionally and has a solid foundation in computer science and CISCO networks. 

With more than 14 years of experience as a corporate legal counsel, Marina Danylyuk-Kerem, CLO, has a solid commercial, corporate, and criminal law foundation. Marina has also worked with blockchain and financial firms for over 7 years. 

You can find more information about Acquire.Fi’s core team and advisors on their website


Finding a project in the Web3 and DeFi space that simultaneously serves small and major investors is uncommon. The latter group typically receives all the attention given how much money they manage—however, Acquire.Fi has tried to improve that by offering investors investment pools and fractional ownership. 

By doing this, Acquire.Fi can enable investors to offer the smallest retail investor the kinds of benefits often enjoyed by institutional and accredited investors. That implies that every investor may access approved investment possibilities and use acquisitions as a strategy for wealth creation, regardless of whether they have $100 or $100 million. 

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