Introduction To Chain Runners NFT

The NFT collection from Chain Runner has gone viral. There are 10,000 of these pixelated renegade runner NFTs in the collection. NFTs are created and held on the Ethereum platform, and you can purchase these NFTs via the OpenSea NFT exchange. Although it is unlikely, this could be the seed of something truly remarkable, such as a new innovative digital avatar and the foundation of a new civilization. 

What Is Chain Runners?

In Chain Runners, players work together to create a cyberpunk environment that is theirs and the community’s shape and improvement. They create unconventional and engaging narratives across different media. They make freely available, open-source building blocks. They allow people to express themselves in various online communities that are now interconnected through interoperable assets.

As a work of art, the Chain Runners is a compilation of precisely 10,000 pixelated renegade runners in the 32×32 nonfunctional tile format. For each Runner, a new NFT is randomly generated and added to the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, the archive is active on the Ethereum ledger. There are thirteen levels, each in a different color, on each Runner. Additionally, these layers are blended to form the final artwork. Alpha blending describes this operation.

Both the images themselves and the metadata about the attributes are kept on-chain. To counter this, the NFT characteristics can be chosen before production. The creators of the Chain Runners got their start in the industry while working on the Blitmap (@BrainDraind) website and app. The 100 NFTs in Blitmap’s universe were the work of the community.

There are 10,000 NFTs, and they were all created at 0.05 ETH each. OpenSea is still your best bet for finding them for sale. The current number of collectors is 3043. The collection’s total sales have hit $1 million. An NFT typically costs around $4,5k. The NFT Runner #9527 fetched $588,1k, making it the collection’s top seller. The NFT set has a great history, complete with a Mega City and a band of outcasts known as The Runners. There is a backlash among the Runners, who are now challenging the establishment. Here you can find the full account. The history of the items adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the set.

Chain Runners Moves In The Crypto Space

The Mega-City

The Chain Runners’ Mega-City is compared to a virtual universe. Those tall buildings in this city hide a futuristic society that takes its cues from the anarchy and avarice of the present day. Only those who follow the guidelines set forth by the new order will prosper. Those who don’t conform are sent away and drugged to keep them quiet. Those rules that Mega-inventor City’s and king, Somnus, has established. The citizens of Mega-City who have purchased NFTs have access to Runnerverse, a metaverse explicitly created for the use of Chain Runners.

It’s a well-oiled machine that admirably serves the vast majority of its users. The defiant turned their backs on the new world’s control. Such deserters are considered to have a common goal: freedom. This includes everyone from hackers to drug dealers and vandals. As for now, they are probably trying to keep safe while hacking Mega City’s networks. Right at that point, the fun begins. After getting your Runner NFT minted, you can enter the metaverse and discover the hidden depths of Mega City.

The Universe Runners

These are the Chain Runners unconvinced by the Mega City pitch and go by many names: hackers, infiltrators, freaks, vandals, saboteurs, wheelers and dealers, pirates, and rebels. These anarchists with a knack for technology spend their days penetrating Mega City’s extensive networks, investigating its institutions and systems in quest of information, advantage, or pure anarchic fun.

The Runners put their lives on the line daily, whether they’re thugs, con artists, or revolutionaries. They’re always vulnerable to the wrath of Mega City’s law enforcement and, more than anyone else, the city’s all-powerful dictator, Somnus.

New wearables in digital apparel purchased with NFTs will soon allow their owners to improve their Runners. The group elaborated that the Runners could learn more about who they are thanks to these tools. The fashion NFT business has been growing astoundingly over the past few months, making now an excellent time to invest in digital wearables.

The Universe Somnus

Somnus is the mysterious public figure who represents Mega City. He is held in high regard by the city’s respectable citizens, who see him as a brilliant leader and a symbol of prosperity. However, the Runners know that behind Somnus’s benign facade is a sinister desire to maintain order at all costs.

The Runners symbolize disturbing instability for Somnus, who lives in a civilization defined by highly managed comforts and limits. This unpredictable human element seems to endanger the delicately maintained environment of Mega City. As the Runners grow in number, Somnus’ previously unchecked goals for dominance face new obstacles; it is still being determined the further Somnus will go to preserve the status quo.

The  Chain Runners NFTs Roadmap

Since the album’s initial release, Chain Runners NFTs has matured significantly. Each Runner NFT has been recreated in 3D by the crew. These 3D models will be distributed to all NFT holders. Like pixel art, collectors have complete creative freedom when incorporating PFP graphics into their projects.

However, they can be used to enter Runnerverse, the project’s metaverse, with the help of the XR Genesis Runners. People from the area can congregate and then easily venture into Mega City. The group is working on bringing the Runner characters to life, and NFT holders will soon be able to flaunt their prizes on social media via AR.

Final Thoughts

Through the Chain Runners NFT initiative, we hope to bring the XR Runner personalities into the metaverse shortly. Team members have previously partnered with Nifty Island, a web3 interactive gaming system. But the designers swear they’ll make their 3D stuff in-house. Chain Runners NFT has already captured the attention of industry heavyweights in crypto and technology, as well as first-time buyers of NFTs because of its innovative approach to IP development through a community.

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